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Hints & tips to apply successfully

“Communicating a positive attitude is key for a successful application.”

"If I were to assess your application, whether I’ll be interviewing you directly or reviewing your written file, one of the characteristics I will be looking for you to convince me of is a positive attitude. Can you convince me that you are willing to work hard, and are you looking forward to it? Are you motivated enough to successfully make it through the courses you will be taking? Give specific examples of your experience, like have you been involved in an association for example, or are you an active member of a sports club, and have you been part of a competition that required you to commit and remain focused for example? Don’t be vague on your actual experience, explain the things you have done, professional or otherwise, without exaggerating any of your achievements.  What I want to know from you is who you really are, and what brings you to apply to emlyon business school, to this particular programme, here in France."
Rémy Paliard, Professor in Corporate Finance 

Here’s how Anastasia Papaioannou showed this in her application.

"In the 8th semester, in the module Economic and Technical Studies Methodology I had to write a Business Plan and more specifically, to provide a complete Business Plan for a Bowling Center in my town.

It took me almost one month to complete this project. My B. P. was separated in 7 parts: The Industry, the Company and its Products, Market Research and Analysis, Marketing Plan, Operating Plan, Management Team, The Financial Plan, Appendix. In order to carry out this project I had to do a lot of research and answer to some questions concerning f.e. the market size, the advertising and promotion, the labor force, the key personnel, the sources and uses of funds etc.  In addition, I visited Bowling Clubs and I spoke with managers and staff.

It was actually the first time that that I had to use my theoretical knowledge in a real case study, which turned out to be very demanding and required a strong level of commitment and hard work. However, effort was acknowledged, and I got a 9."
Anastasia Papaioannou, Greece - MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing - Graduate 

 “Where you can, keep it simple.“

"When you write your essays, make sure you always write with 100% care, and resist the urge to elaborate where it is not necessary. Sometimes fewer, well-chosen words will tell us more things. Use your independent or creative endeavours, successful or not, professional or otherwise, to demonstrate your entrepreneurial outlook. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, but rather find the examples in your life that show the key qualities that best define you. Your international outlook is important, but may be underscored as much by your demonstrated interest in a foreign culture as by professional projects conducted abroad. When you have finished your application, and are reading it one last time before submitting it to emlyon business school, ask yourself: Have I chosen the right words and examples to show curiosity and open-mindedness towards others? The determination and the potential to succeed in both the programme and my future career? For these are the characteristics I look for in any candidate for our programmes."
Richard Ruble, Assistant Professor in Economics

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