When I found this MSc in Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship with a focus on sustainable leadership, I understood that it was perfect for me.

Juliana joined the MSc in Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship last September willing to improve her knowledge in innovation and develop her entrepreneurial mindset. Find out more about why she chose emlyon business school and what she hopes to achieve from her time in the program.

What was your undergraduate degree in?

I graduated as a Production Engineer.

Why did you decide to enroll in this program?

I wanted to improve my knowledge in innovation, which is a field that I'm interested in and I believe that the entrepreneurial mindset is essential for every professional, even for those who are not interested in becoming entrepreneurs. When I found this MSc in Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship with a focus on sustainable leadership, that took into account not only the environmental but also the social aspect of entrepreneurship and innovation, I understood that it was perfect for me.
Moreover, the format of the Masters’ program, which takes us to 3 different countries to learn and have real experiences of entrepreneurship and innovation in social, environmental, and technological fields makes this Master unique! I searched a lot and did not see anything like it. It is really an amazing program.

Why did you choose to come to emlyon business school specifically and France?

France is known worldwide as a reference in innovation and in addition I have always been passionate about French culture. So, I moved to Paris last year to learn the language and more about culture and universities in order to understand if it was the place for me. I did a lot of research about Master's degrees in Europe and in the world, but emlyon business school was love at first sight because of its early makers’ culture and its engagement to help students find their paths. Moreover, as it is one of the best schools in France, I am sure it will open many doors as far as my career is concerned.

What do you hope to achieve from your time in the program?

I hope to:

  • develop myself as a professional and acquire an entrepreneurial mindset, as well as improve my knowledge in management and innovation;
  • create a solid network with the colleagues, professionals, and entrepreneurs that we collaborate with during the program;
  • develop my professional projects with my new acquired knowledge and with the help of my network.