“My name is Timea, I’m French. I did my undergrad in the United States where I spent two years at Mississippi State before transferring to James Madison University (Virginia) and finally obtained my Bachelor Business Administration in Management.”

Why did you join the MSc in Management – European Triple Degree – Grande Ecole?

I decided to join this programme for different reasons. As I want to work internationally later, I wanted to stay in an environment with different nationalities. The programme was offering that so that was a perfect fit for me. In addition, the degrees that I was going to get after my two years in the programme from top schools, emlyon business school, LMU Munich and Lancaster University were really important to me and it is, I believe a tremendous asset that will help me being successful in the workplace. Finally, the programme with the classes and specialisations offered were completely in line with my aspirations for my future career.

A recap about your first months experience in the MSc in Management – European Triple Degree – Grande Ecole?

My first months in the European Triple Degree programme were rather intense as I had to adapt to a completely new environment with people coming from all over the world, in a new school and with teachers who all have a different way of teaching. So, I had to make some adjustments in order to get the most of it. My best memory was probably my very first day at school when the three Heads of the programme welcomed us. That day was really enriching and motivating and made me realise how thankful I am to have joined the MSc in Management – European Triple Degree – Grande Ecole.

Tell us about your professional project?

My plans are to become a consultant and work in different fields to gain as much experience as possible. I believe that with the experience that I will acquire, I will be able to see the unmet needs that exist in the market and my goal is to create my own company to answer those needs later on.

Which keywords would you associate with the MSc in Management – European Triple Degree – Grande Ecole?

Diversity, cohesion, unique!