Tailored specialization

Your own Specialization - Your own Goals

Company Inside

To make sure your particular needs are met, you can schedule alternating the academic and experiential requirements to suit your plans.
The MSc in Management - Grande Ecole is all about properly preparing for your future career, and depending on what goal you have set for yourself, your learning requirements may differ from those of your classmates. This is why the set up of the MSc in Management - Grande Ecole allows for maximum flexibility in building your course structure.

Adapt the Program to Your Schedule

During the two to three years of the MSc in Management - Grande Ecole program, you will be able to alternate academic semesters at emlyon business school, in-company internships, exchange programs at international partner institutions and time spent on student association activities at your own pace.
With this flexibility to choose and combine courses and experiences that you are most interested in and scheduling them at times that make most sense within your entire learning experience, you avoid the constraints you would likely have encountered had you chosen a specialist track instead.
For those who have not yet decided in which direction their career will take them, the large choice of courses and the flexible program structure helps them determine and test a career path.

Career Compass to Help Guide Your Choices
All throughout the program, you will have to make choices. What timing will you give to your curriculum? Which of the nearly 200 electives should you enroll in? Which aspect should be leading in making your choices?
One of the main things to keep in mind when facing the multiple possibilities that the MSc in Management - Grande Ecole has to offer is your career goal. The Career Compass System has been designed specifically with this in mind.
As each profession requires its own academic and practical preparation, the Career Compass System offers recommendations to match available classes with the student's desired profession. Over forty professions are incorporated, and Career Compass advises students on which classes are essential for future success, and which are recommended.