Year 2 & 3

Choose your own early maker path

As you understand in this international management program, you can adapt you courses and projects at your rythm, by respecting the global frame and requirements to validate your degree.
Among the elective courses you can choose from, the major disciplines and sectors are included such as: purchasing & supply chain, marketing, finance, digital, human resources, strategy, consulting…with many different details and scope. You will have the opportunity to pick and choose to try and identify which are the most interesting and relevant for you.


Depending on your choice, you can take the fast track and finish your MSc in Management in two years, or you can use one year more to finalize your plans and academic path (long track).

Courses will be offered every two months, that you will check and choose to build a consistent timeline to get professional experience and acquire the knowledge and skills required for your project.

You will be required globally to produce:

  • a makers project with the support of emlyon business school’s factory grocery
  • a masterpiece with a report to support your outcome as a future graduate

The factory grocery will enable you to choose your project among 9 themes, and get methodology, support via coaching: