2 electives of your choice

You will select 2 electives out of the 3 following courses:


CRM, data platforms & marketing automation: The aim of customer relationship management (CRM) and customer experience management (CEM) is about building valuable and successful relationships with customers. This course is designed to make a bridge between data and marketing decision-making through the analysis of customer data.


Data visualization: Principles of dataviz/ Panorama of tools and methods/ Tableau: features and exemplar case studies/ Importing data in Tableau/ Data cleaning/ Charting numeric / textual / graphical data in Tableau/ Developing a storytelling with Tableau.


Machine learning and business cases using Python: Elementary algorithms / Learning theory (how can a computer learn from data)/ Linear models/ Tree based methods/ Regularization and validation/ Unsupervised learning & Support vector machines/ Social networks and communities/ Neural networks and deep learning