Data Literacy

Students will handle real problems that occur with «messy » data and reporting, requiring retrieval from databases, cleaning, reformatting, investigating for meaning and presenting their findings in a visual manner. They will access data « in the cloud » using SQL clients, as they will in an enterprise setting, and summarize data as requested by many managers.


This module includes the following courses:

  • Business analytics: advanced Excel and SQL
  • Excel Basics: Data cleaning, types, filtering, sorting, descriptive stats
  • Guerrilla Data Analysis
  • Excel Advanced: Formulae, Pivot tables, Excel Dashboards and Reports
  • Excel Charts and Stats: Advanced model stats and good charting techniques
  • SQL: intro, download the client, connect to cloud server
  • SQL: More advanced queries, big data & SQL
  • Data Visuals with Tableau & Power BI: Download Tableau before course
  • Tableau Dashboards: Dashboards and Stories videos
  • SQL to Tableau and Excel, Reporting – project to put it all together


  • Python coding bootcamp
  • Setup / installation of Anaconda
  • Introduction to coding: variables, methods
  • Loops and conditional statements
  • Data structures
  • I/O
  • Using numpy for marketing data analysis


  • Statistics for market research using R
  • Installation / setup of R. How to install packages
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Hypothesis testing
  • PCA
  • Working with panel data
  • Charting results with ggplot