Digital Marketing & Data Science specialization

You will take the courses related to your specialization choice and select 3 out of the 4 following offer:


Social Media and Mobile Marketing in Asia
The Social Media Marketing course will teach how businesses and professionals can leverage multiple social networks and mobile and their millions of users in Asia. Aim of the course is to explore strategies and tactics adopted in Asia to develop social media and mobile marketing efficiently, the legal constraints and the cultural aspects.


Responsible Artificial Intelligence
AI technology is now poised to transform every industry, however, the use of AI requires new moral codes and may result in biased and unexplainable managerial decisions if not used properly. We need to consider how the products and services enabled by AI can increase human wellbeing. Therefore, the goal of this course is to enable students to acquire an understanding of what AI can do and cannot do for a firm, and how to develop and implement successful and responsible AI projects for firm innovation and value creation.

This module includes the following topics:

  • conventional methods and their working principles used in AI,
  • methods to evaluate a firm’s readiness in developing or using AI technology,
  • ethic issues (such as bias and discrimination) involved in conventional AI methods,
  • benefits and risks of AI on corporate strategies, and strategies to design right AI projects to promote innovation,
  • make appropriate resource allocation decisions,
  • enable collaboration smoothly across different units with AI teams.

We use case studies for illustration.


Introduction to E-Commerce in Asia
E-commerce companies such as Alibaba are expanding their reach across Asia-Pacific by acquiring local retailers and investing in shipping centers. E-commerce market is dominated by marketplaces (like Amazon in the US and Europe) rather than stand-alone websites; these marketplaces account for more than 90% of online retail transactions.
These efforts, along with individuals gaining internet access, will drive ecommerce growth over the forecast period. Based on real case studies, the course aims to give an overview of the e-commerce strategies adopted in China, new payment methods and the ecosystem. This course will provide a better knowledge of the online opportunities to do business in the Asian world.


Data science and robotics in China
Software alone is powerful, but when it is mixed with hardware the possibilities are endless. Logistics, manufacturing, urban equipments, cars, consumer products... are becoming "smart" thanks to a mix of data science and robotics.
In this course, you will discover a range of applications currently developed in a variety of contexts. China is a particularly well suited place to discover the topic, given the advance of the country in the domain. Following this course, you will under the opportunities and constraints afforded by projects mixing data science and robotics, and to better evaluate their business relevance.