Learning trip

This immersion in another country, culture, and environment, linked to different country- specific themes, will broaden your horizons, helping you to acquire a more global, less European vision and to meet other international players in addition to those already involved in your course. You can choose your destination, which may be related to the topic you are focusing on, to suit your personal aspirations and the dynamics in your group.

Moving outside your comfort zone in Bangalore

Discover (yourself) and evolve in a different economic, societal, and cultural context on this learning trip to Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. This will be an unparalleled experience, which, although no doubt disconcerting, will move you away from your core habits and frame of reference.


You will be immersed in a context where all the new challenges of a globalized world coexist. This will help you to better understand the different business models related to them through targeted activities:

  • Collaborative economy and social business: field studies with the actors of one of these social businesses and in particular with the young adults trained in this area
  • Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship: visiting an incubator, “Entrepreneurship in a large group” conference.
  • The traditional economy: visits to pharmaceutical centers and delocalized manufacturing plants like Saint Gobain and Renault
  • Digital: discovery of the startup ecosystem of the Silicon Valley of India.

Immerse yourself in the business world of Shanghai

This learning trip to Shanghai aims to introduce you to Chinese culture through numerous visits, giving you access to an operational approach that complements the lessons taught on theParis campus.


Workshops led by experts, meetings, and testimonials will be offered during this study tour, where you will be able to:

  • Understand the impact of the regulatory and cultural environment on business practice
  • Discover the specificities of the latter and the underlying issues for the actors involved
  • Meet professionals experienced in Asian business practice modalities, Chinese practices in particular

Discover North American innovation in Boston

The purpose of this module is to discover the Boston ecosystem and understand how it supports growth and innovation in companies. The learning trip is an opportunity for all students to discover why Boston is a destination of choice when it comes to innovation or simply creating value.


This learning trip is above all a module enabling students to understand the impact of the economic environment on business practices and to discover their specificities. It is also an opportunity to lay the first foundations of what could become future professional networks.


On the agenda:

  • Visits to companies and start-ups
  • Campus visits (Babson College, Northeastern University)
  • Conferences on topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Visits to incubators
  • Entrepreneurship courses taught by Boston University professors
  • Visits to law firms dealing with regulations or industrial property
  • Meetings with business angels and venture capitalists
  • Enjoyable time spent with emlyon business school graduates working in the region