Luxury Specializations courses + Asian Business Environment

Luxury specialization courses


Apply the fundamentals of management to the global luxury industry, identify connections across multiple segments of the luxury industry and gain specialized knowledge through courses including: History of Luxury: from Haute Couture to Perfumes, Law of Industrial Property, Communication and Branding in Luxury, Sourcing & Supply Chain for Luxury Industry, Introduction to Art and Introduction to HRM & Cross Cultural, Luxury Seminar.


Asian business environment


Receive first-hand perspectives on the challenges and opportunities luxury companies face in Asia, a flourishing region in the Luxury Industry, with courses including: Luxury Brand Management, Luxury Consumer Behavior, Luxury Retails & Service Operations.


Take part in the Luxury Week in Shanghai. From Ralph Lauren to Christian Dior Couture, you will be deeply immersed into the Asian luxury industry and get a deep overview of what it is like to work in this prestigious sector.