A lot of training courses and Master's programs focus either on digital / artificial intelligence / data science or on health industry. It is very rare to be able to combine these two dimensions as well as data intelligence expertise to benefit from a complete learning experience. emlyon business school and Mines Saint Etienne believe that both dimensions are tightknit and to be connected and addressed together, which is why this program was designed to fit the markets’ needs.

Data is everywhere, and engineers will need to go beyond traditional techniques and skills while managers need to grasp the effects and potential of artificial intelligence. Different profiles will have to collaborate within firms and organizations in order to implement transformations, develop new added value and build the future with ethics, knowledge and efficiency.

Discover the program content for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Contenus académiques
Dispositifs expérientiels
Année 1
Tools and learning platforms
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e-learning management fundamentals
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Sep Oct Nov Dec
Transforming early makers
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Challenges of artificial intelligence & the health sector
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International Seminar
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Jan Feb Mar
Healthcare & artificial intelligence + soft skills
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Various seminars at Mines Saint-Etienne
Lyon & Saint-Etienne
Apr May Jun
In-company project
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Année 2
Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Professional thesis
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Anywhere in the world

All courses are available in English and you will have the opportunity to learn French through online and face to face courses.

The first class of the program MSc in Health Management & Data Intelligence has not yet graduated.

Assessment methods may include case studies, presentations, mock exercises, tests, etc…

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