Optional trimester in Shanghai

emlyon business school Shanghai opens its campus to the most motivated students for a period of three months, from April to July (on selection, limited number of places).


This extended international immersion allows you to gain an understanding of the business environment and the specific challenges facing companies in Asia. Dedicated courses, conferences, visits, and meetings with experts, professionals, and graduates define the stay:

  • Asian Business Environment aims to provide an understanding of the geostrategic, political, economic, and cultural specificities of Asian countries
  • Business Marketing in Asia aims to provide an insight into B2B marketing approaches in different Asian countries (electrical equipment, chemistry, health etc.)
  • High Tech Project Marketing focuses on the development of major international business (energy, transport, environment)
  • Global Sourcing in Asia focuses on the opportunities and constraints linked to purchasing in the “factory of the world” that Asian countries have effectively become
  • Global Supply Chain in Asia addresses the complex issues of supply chain management in and between Asian and European countries


These inputs are based on multiple meetings with French and foreign professionals based in Asia as well as on field studies with international companies. This is a unique opportunity to start your personal network on site.