E-Portfolio (coefficient 3)
The candidate will send in a presentation of his/her achievements, background and motivation for joining the Global BBA program in digital format. There is no pre-determined model, example or detailed description of such a presentation since it should reflect the personality of the candidates and provide an opportunity for them to express themselves in ways which are true to them and suit them the best (video, slide-show, photo presentation, blog…). There is no right or wrong option. The structure, internal coherence and relevance, the aesthetic choices and the overall quality of the presentation will be the elements assessed.


Academic test (coefficient 2)
In order to assess your academic potential a complementary test will be required. Depending on the country you are from and your choice, you will have 2 possibilities :

-present the GAOKAO or SAT scores.

-pass an online emlyon test - Click here to get a few tips before the test

The emlyon academic test will invite you to respond to a multiple choice questionnaire addressing various subjects (logics, general culture, knowledge…). You will need to be filmed by your webcam. You will have to respond live to some video questions, as well as you will be invited to reply and type online with a limited timeframe.


Motivation interview (coefficient 2)
The aim of the interview is to assess the candidate’s potential to participate in and contribute to the program while developing his/her abilities both within the learning environment and subsequently in real business situations. The candidate will be encouraged to reflect on his/her experiences (education, family, associations, sports,…) and his/her future projects. (Interview time: 30 min.)


TOEFL test (coefficient 2)
The TOEFL test takes the form of 4 distinct sections of multiple choice questions:

written comprehension, oral comprehension, oral expression and written expression (Test time 4hr). Scores from Cambridge English tests (IELTS, FCE, CAE, CFP…) can be accepted as TOEFL equivalent scores. Applicants who are mother-tongue English speakers or who attended high school taught in English (IB diploma, US High School diploma, GCE or any High School Diploma) are not required to provide an English language cerificate.