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Public ciblé

For students holding a Master Degree (possible exception for 4 year Bachelor Degree)

Specialized Program approved by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles

13 months including a 6-month internship & optional optional in Shanghai (75 ECTS)

Langues d'enseignement
Taught in French
Lieux d'enseignement
Delivered in Lyon-Ecully with an International Seminar to Boston

13 months to rise up to the challenges of innovation in entrepreneurship

Develop a dual competency

The Specialized Master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management combines both innovative and entrepreneurial dimensions, allowing you to carry out a wide variety of projects and acquire a more global perspective.

Specialize in entrepreneurship or innovation & technology

During the second part of your second semester, you will be able to specialize in entrepreneurship or innovation & technology and acquire more knowledge about family business, social entrepreneurship, strategic management of technology, etc.

Learn in project mode

In September, join the early makers track: a unique academic approach and a chosen guiding theme will immerse you right away into the early makers experience. You will be able to create a project and conduct a concrete innovative action with various learning sequences. Design thinking, agile method, the innovator’s toolkit, coding will no longer be a mystery to you.

Boost your career

  • 35700 alumni in 130 countries
  • 1600 partner businesses
  • 36th école du palmarès mondial d’employabilité THE - Nov 2020
  • 100% employment rate within 6 months after the end of the program

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