Consultants in data science have become an essential occupation for contemporary companies, especially for those expanding their activities online. They will be solicited to transform data into usable information, allowing organizations to direct their marketing, sales and communication strategies.

Consultants in data science - statistic experts

Consultants in data science will guide their companies in their projects of data analysis and valorization to address the issues of standard compliance, security and competitivity. These professionals usually operate from the analysis of the needs until the implementation of solutions, in compliance with requirements and objectives of the companies. They take on a transversal approach of data-related issues.


The mission of consultants in data science is to collect, organize and exploit data. Companies expanding their online activities accumulate a significant amount of data: experts in data science will interpret them in order to translate them into usable elements to drive decision-making.


As consultants, they usually work as free-lancers, and will focus on one-time projects or potentially, collaborate on various projects simultaneously for different companies.

Consultants in data science - Main missions

Consultants in data science process customers’ data, in sales, users’ tracks, from various online platforms, partners etc. for marketing purposes:

  • They collect the most relevant data available on servers, in files, databases, then “clean” them. They delete unusable data and transform the usable ones in a format a non-expert audience can understand.
  • They then proceed to issue the results into reports, graphics, tables or applications.


Consultants in data science are expected to issue different kinds of deliverables for the purpose of:

  • Structuring data governing;
  • Designing data quality policy;
  • Creating data visualization;
  • Algorithm programing;
  • Gap analysis.

Consultants in data science - Required competences

Consultants in data science need to have a solid background in mathematics, computing, econometrics, signal processing, statistics, and operational research.


Knowledge in the implementation of solutions based on machine learning and artificial intelligence can be a considerable additional asset complementing these competences.


They also need to demonstrate a good understanding of the practices in data processing, ranging from data collection to acquisition, and from formatting, modeling, data analysis, and processing up to result output.

Consultants in data science - Which training program

To acquire a solid foundation in mathematics, statistics, and computer science, aspiring data science consultants need to undergo appropriate training.


At emlyon business school, the BSc Bachelor of Science Data Science for Responsible Business is the ideal program. This four-year post-secondary course provides a high-quality multidisciplinary education and offers hybrid teaching in data science and management.


It is based on the joint expertise of two prestigious institutions: emlyon business school and the École Centrale de Lyon.


For students holding a Bachelor's degree, opting for the MSc in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Strategy aims to teach advanced methods and techniques to master essential concepts and skills for designing AI strategies.


This program allows students to approach artificial intelligence and data science responsibly, through learning methods that combine technical, strategic, and ethical approaches.

Consultants in data science - Salaries and career evolutions

Gross salary for junior consultants in data science is around €3.500 a month. After a few years of experience, gross salaries can reach a monthly €5.000.


Throughout their careers, consultants in data science can claim positions of data analysts or go towards revenue management. They can also become heads of CRM departments.

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