Machine Learning and Data Science Fundamentals & AI and Human perspectives

Machine Learning and Data Science Fundamentals

You will learn the foundations of data, learn and practice machine learning, and gain an overview of AI and its human, social and business impacts.

You will discover the fundamentals of data structures, practice with databases and database management systems (SQL and noSQL), go over business analytics, and dive into machine learning with a focus on the practice with advanced models (ensemble, boosting, kernels) on real data to solve concrete problems. In parallel you will learn the history of AI and understand its human and social impacts, and start understanding its consequences on organizations and businesses

Example of courses:

  • Data fundamentals, SQL & noSQL
  • Business intelligence & data analysis
  • Machine learning principles an elementary models
  • Advanced machine learning models

AI and Human perspectives

You will get a broad view of the history of AI with different paradigms and tools. You will develop reflexive skills on the challenges of adopting AI in a responsible way. The course addresses ethical issues that a company may face while deploying a technology.
You will also be introduced to principles and fundamental tools of system dynamics for visualizing an organizational or societal problem within its broader environment in terms of the structures and policies that create dynamics and regulate performance.

Example of courses:

  • History of AI
  • Individual and social impacts of AI
  • Systems thinking and sustainability