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The Master of Science (MSc) in Finance offered by emlyon business school is accessible after a Bachelor minimum (valid diplomas include bac +4 or bac +3).

This program enables foreign or French students to acquire a high-level, specialized education aimed at the main functions of corporate & market finance in companies whose scope is resolutely oriented towards international markets.
This program requires a professional mission at the end of the course for a minimal duration of 4 months (internship, VIE, fixed-term contract or permanent contract).

The MSc in Finance is designed to offer students all the soft/hard skills and know-how needed to excel in the financial world:

  • Diversity: the MSc in Finance offers a diverse environment through its cohort (nationalities, genders, backgrounds, etc.).
  • A mix between academic (20 faculty professors) and professional lecturers (90) to ensure the best learning environment
  • A 2-step program structure: a common track and a specialization. This allows students to discover in depth financial applications before committing to a specialization.
  • emlyon’s distinctive academic signature: learning as not only a transfer of academic knowledge but also a "course of learning experiences" that equips students to forge a constant link between thought and action: "doing to learn, learning to do".
  • Financial Challenges: Students will be able to take part in 5 or more French or International challenges in Finance (e.g.: CFA, Harvard Global Case, ARE, Trophée des futures licornes, BBG, and Kellog Morgan Stanley).
  • Professional certifications: Students will also acquire the necessary skills to take different certificates: AMF, CFA 1 and 2, Bloomberg Certification.
  • Summer internship preparation: To maximise your chances to get a coveted summer internship at a buldge bracket London firm during your program, emlyon business school offers a select number of students the opportunity to be trained by our career center to the application tests (limited seats).
  • Careers Forum: Students will attend a specific Finance Career Forum organized by the Career Center, as well as some dedicated conferences about Financial topics.

Discover the program content for the 2023-2024 academic year:

Programme MSc in Finance, emlyon

First period (September to April) in Lyon


You will first follow a core syllabus which will allow you to acquire the fundamentals of management, gain the necessary skill set of international business management and apply it to the industry.

Example of courses:

  • Fundamentals of Economics
  • Fundamentals of Finance
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


After the enrolment and before the official start of classes, you will have access to many of the digital resources available to emlyon business school students during the summer:

  • emlyon business school apps and platforms (Learning Hub, Career Center, etc.)
  • e-learning management fundamentals courses available online

This will help you to get to the grips with the various tools and ensure that your integration is a success, as you will have a busy schedule once the program begins in September.


Technical Modules:

  • Strategic Analysis
  • Corporate Finance principles
  • Financial accounting
  • Financial Mathematics & Statistics
  • Intro to data analytics
  • Intro to alternative investments
  • Economics and intro to financial markets
  • Financial Math & Fixed income
  • Options and other derivatives
  • Portfolio management
  • Introduction to CA - CS1 : VBA & Python
  • Optional : AMF & CFA certifications

Soft Skills Modules:

Gain soft skills to improve self-knowledge, self-presentation and communication to work in teams and globally with multicultural differences in order to avoid silos that are enemy and limitations to organizations efficiency and agility:

  • CSR
  • Languages
  • Team process & leadership
  • Career workshops


MSc in Finance Specialization

Choose between two specializations: Corporate Finance & Innovation or Market & Quantitative Finance.

Corporate Finance & Innovation

Corporate Finance & Innovation track is 100% taught in English for non-french students and 80% in English for french speaking students:

  • Business story telling and report design
  • Intro programming & modelling
  • Financial Analysis & forecasts
  • Advanced Fixed income
  • Leverage finance
  • Innovate in financing
  • Corporate valuation
  • Python
  • Financial package and structuring
  • Financial markets operations
  • Advanced Accounting
  • M&A process - implementation
  • Financial communication/ Investors relations
  • Fundamentals of negotiation techniques
  • Financial negotiation: simulation case
  • Strategic and financial case or Start'up support
  • Forecasting methods
  • Governance and SRI
  • Venture capital & growth financing

Market & Quantitative Finance

Market & Quantitative Finance track is 100% taught in English:

  • Statistical Methods for Financial Time Series
  • Portfolio management for CFA
  • Advanced Fixed income
  • Proba & intro to stochastic calculus
  • Advanced Portfolio management
  • Risk Management
  • Pricing and trading of derivatives
  • Advanced Alternative investments
  • Python
  • Machine learning with R
  • Intro to DS with R
  • Financial markets operations
  • Advanced Derivatives
  • Advanced Fixed income 2
  • Commodities and energy
  • Fundamentals of negotiation techniques
  • Professional project
  • Global Asset Allocation
  • History of AI
  • Individual and social impacts of AI
  • Systems thinking and sustainability

Second period (July to December) Anywhere in the world


The Professional Thesis is an analytical work on a topic related to the industry and to the professional experience gained during your internship. This is a great opportunity for you to research a subject which is not only of particular interest, but which has the potential to contribute powerfully to your personal and professional development.


The 4 to 6-month internship is a great opportunity to put your academic knowledge to the test and acquire tangible experience within the industry.

The internship is a great opportunity to put your academic knowledge to the test, and acquire tangible experience within the industry. The school will give you all the support and tools you need to find the right internship for you. Instead of doing an internship, starting directly with your first job can validate this professional experience required to get your degree and graduate from the program.

Program contributors

The courses are taught by professors from emlyon business school and from other top higher education institutions as well as by professionals from the world of finance. What all these trainers have in common is their high technical level as demonstrated by their numerous publications in international reviews or their senior positions in the corporate world.

The MSc in Finance benefits from research and expertise by:

  • CEFRA - Centre for Financial Risk Analysis, lead by Olivier Le Courtois
  • Research Centre for Entrepreneurial Finance (ReCEntFin), lead by par Alexander Groh
  • Pr. Pierre Devolder, PhD, Full Professor in Statistics and Risk Management, Université Catholique of Louvain
  • Francesco Menoncin, PhD, Associate Professor in Economics, University of Brescia
  • ESG and green finance economy with Guillaume Coqueret
  • Quant research Center with Benoit Chevalier Roignant
  • F. Vrins, PhD, professor in Risk Management, statistics and derivative pricing, Université Catholique of Louvain
  • F. Catelon - Managing Director Global Capital Markets Société Générale Corporate and Investment Banking
  • T Feurstein - Managing Director Global Capital Markets Société Générale Corporate and Investment Banking – Global Head of Equity linked
  • T. Lafaille - Director at DekaBank
  • A. Pinon, Black Krystal
  • F. Lobet, WD Properties
  • A. Cochenet, Momentum Invest
  • A. Mallard, Liger Venuture


Assessment methods may include case studies, presentations, mock exercises, tests, etc.

The graduation rate for students of the MSc in Finance for the 2021-2022 academic year is 69.4% (99.2% of students taking the exam have graduated).