The MSc in Finance is designed to offer students all the soft/hard skills and know-how needed to excel in the financial world:

  • Diversity: the MSc in Finance offers a diverse environment through its cohort (nationalities, genders, backgrounds, etc.)
  • A mix between academic (20 faculty professors) and professional lecturers (90) to ensure the best learning environment
  • A 2-step program structure: a common track and a specialization. This allows students to discover in depth financial applications before committing to a specialization.
  • emlyon’s distinctive academic signature: learning as not only a transfer of academic knowledge but also a "course of learning experiences" that equips students to forge a constant link between thought and action: "doing to learn, learning to do".
  • Students will compete in 5 or more French or international challenges

Discover the program content for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Academic content
Experiential elements
Tools and learning platforms
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e-learning management fundamentals
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Sep Oct Nov Dec
Technical Modules
September and October
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Soft Skills Modules
November and December
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International Seminar
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Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
2 specializations: Corporate Finance & Innovation (in English or in French) and Market & Quantitative Finance (in English)
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International Seminar
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Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Professional thesis
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Internship or first job
6 months
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Anywhere in the world

Program contributors

The courses are taught by professors from emlyon business school and from other top higher education establishments as well as by professionals from the world of finance. What all these trainers have in common is their high technical level as demonstrated by their numerous publications in international reviews or their senior positions in the corporate world. The MSc in Finance benefits from research and expertise by:

The first class of the program MSc in Finance has not yet graduated.

Assessment methods may include case studies, presentations, mock exercises, tests, etc…