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The Master of Science (MSc) in Supply Chain & Purchasing Management offered by emlyon business school is accessible after a Bachelor minimum (valid diplomas include bac +4 or bac +3).

This program enables foreign or French students to acquire a high-level, specialized education aimed at the main functions of supply chain & purchasing in companies whose scope is resolutely oriented towards international markets.

This program requires a professional mission at the end of the course for a minimal duration of 4 months (internship, VIE, fixed-term contract or permanent contract).

Discover the MSc in Supply Chain & Purchasing Management’s content for the 2023-2024 academic year:

MSc in Supply Chain & Purchasing Management

Pre-program (August to September)



You will first follow a core syllabus which will allow you to acquire the fundamentals of management, gain the necessary skill set of international business management and apply it to the industry.


Example of courses:

  • Fundamentals of Economics
  • Fundamentals of Finance
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


After the enrolment and before the official start of classes, you will have access to many of the digital resources available to emlyon business school students during the summer:

  • emlyon business school apps and platforms (Learning Hub, Career Center, etc.)
  • e-learning management fundamentals courses available online


This will help you to get to the grips with the various tools and ensure that your integration is a success, as you will have a busy schedule once the program begins in September.

First period (September to December) – in Lyon


During this semester, you will study the following courses:

Entreprise Strategy

  • Extended Entrerprise (networks, partnerships, ecosytems)
  • International Trade


Entreprise Management

  • Business & finance, Total Cost of Ownership
  • Project Management


Supply Chain Management

  • Operations, Industrial Strategies, Industrial Programs
  • Forecasting & Planning


Suppliers Management

  • Purchasing function & organization
  • Business, Innovation, Value


New Technologies

  • Informations Systems Architecture
  • Technology Overview


Behavioral Excellence

  • International Negotiation
  • Creativity & Critical Thinking


This International Seminar is a unique opportunity to engage in insightful conferences and connect with numerous companies. It offers a firsthand understanding of how the economic landscape influences business strategies, while also immersing you in the local culture. Finally, it is also a way to start developing your international network.

Second period (January to March) – in Lyon


With this specialization, you will study the following courses:

Entreprise Strategy

  • Prospective & Anticipation
  • Intercultural Business


Entreprise Management

  • Legal, Contract Management
  • Operational Excellence


Supply Chain Management

  • Logistics
  • Decision Aid Techniques


Suppliers Management

  • Strategic Sourcing, Make-or-Buy
  • Key Purchasing Categories


New Technologies

  • Data Science
  • Industry 4.0


Behavioral Excellence

  • Career Development
  • Master Report Preparation

Third period (April to July) – International Period


Entreprise Strategy

  • Sustainable Supply Chain
  • International Supply Chain


Entreprise Management

  • Financial Engineering
  • Supply Chain Transformation


Supply Chain Management

  • Transportation Modes and Intermodality
  • Supply Chain Risk Management


Suppliers Management

  • Collaborative Activities
  • New Product Introduction


New Technologies

  • Information System for Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain 4.0


With this specialization, you will study the following courses:

Entreprise Strategy

  • Sustainable Purchasing
  • International Purchasing


Entreprise Management

  • B2B Marketing, Business intelligence
  • Purchasing Transformation


Supply Chain Management

  • Deliveries, Acceptance & Claims
  • Purchasing Risk Management


Suppliers Management

  • Supplier Management & Development
  • Supplier Innovation


New Technologies

  • Information System for Purchasing
  • Procurement 4.0

Year 2 – from July – Anywhere in the world


The Professional Thesis is an analytical work on a topic related to the industry and to the professional experience gained during your internship. This is a great opportunity for you to research a subject which is not only of particular interest, but which has the potential to contribute powerfully to your personal and professional development.


The 4 to 6-month internship is a great opportunity to put your academic knowledge to the test and acquire tangible experience within the industry.


The internship is a great opportunity to put your academic knowledge to the test and acquire tangible experience within the industry. The school will give you all the support and tools you need to find the right internship for you. Instead of doing an internship, starting directly with your first job can validate this professional experience required to get your degree and graduate from the program.

Welcome to emlyon's MSc in Supply Chain & Purchasing Management

Eric David, Director of the MSc in Supply Chain & Purchasing Management

The MSc in Supply Chain & Purchasing Management is tailored for students who want to work amongst the top professionals in these domains. Both procurement and supply chain jobs are vital for businesses, and there are still many positions to staff. Purchasing is more commercial, whereas supply chain is more technical, but in the end, both competencies are required.

This degree in logistics and supply chain puts heavy emphasis on international scope, strategic impact, and on digital transformation. No business is local anymore, and multicultural profiles are appreciated. A systemic understanding of strategic alignment is mandatory to make a network function, and a deep curiosity in data sciences is key to implementing, using up-to-date tools.

We recruit highly motivated students who want to rise to the challenge of working in resolutely globalized, high technology and ecosystemic companies. In many companies, there are still plenty of opportunities to shape your own position and manage various projects. Of course, you may also work as a consultant, or create your own start-up, where the same skills will be required.

I look forward to welcoming you.

Eric David - Director of the MSc in Supply Chain & Purchasing Management


Assessment methods may include case studies, presentations, mock exercises, tests, etc.


The graduation rate for students of the MSc in Supply Chain & Purchasing Management for the 2021-2022 academic year is 96.6% (100% of students taking the exam have graduated).