Did you always want to work in the luxury industry and what captivated you the most in this industry?

Actually no. Working in the luxury industry was not a career objective until two years ago. What made me realise my great interest in this industry was my experience in the luxury hospitality area. The greatest aspect of this industry is that you make people dream. Definitely a luxurious product does not need anyone to be sold as it is already beautiful, well designed and sometimes hand-made. What you can do is create a story which will touch people. You can make them idealise your brand! This is something you definitely can't do in every sector.

What did you think of your academic experience while studying the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing and, according to you, what are the main assets of this programme for someone wishing to work in the luxury industry?

The programme is definitely full of opportunities! Wherever you come from, whatever your background is. For instance, coming from an engineering school, I had no clue about management and business. By ensuring the basis of general management, the programme makes sure that everybody is able to understand the key aspects Luxury Management & Marketing.

Definitely, the biggest asset of this programme is "meeting professionals"! Meeting LVMH HR and having a conference given by a luxury headhunting company in a Sofitel hotel was definitely a luxury experience!

The international exposure is a key element of the programme. Can you tell us more about that?

Out of 26 students, we had 12 different nationalities. It is always very interesting to understand the point of view of a foreigner on your own country!

I don't want to say too much about Shanghai as I want to leave the surprise to the next batch! Let's just say that Shanghai is one of the greatest places in this world. It's beautiful, multi-cultural and sometimes unbelievable. Each day, you will learn something while walking around the streets. On top of that, classes and the project you have to do are very high level. It made me want to live there.

What was your business project when you were in Shanghai?

I was working for Roger Dubuis. They asked us to have a deep understanding of the Chinese digital landscape (renren, weibo, baidu, p1.cn, ...) and of the Chinese luxury consumer behavior so that we could suggest them a 3-year digital marketing action plan in China (inner China). This experience was truly my first experience in the consulting world. It allowed me to meet Account Managers from great companies - like Microsoft - and also to get in touch with Roger Dubuis people (China and Hong Kong) before my internship there.

As an alumnus of the programme working in the luxury industry, why do you think it’s important to come and share your professional experience with current students?

I managed to land a great job in a company within the Richemont Group. I truly think that without emlyon business school’s MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing, I would have never been able to achieve this so soon. Sharing my professional - and personal - experience is the least I can do.

How did you find your internship with Roger Dubuis and what were your main missions?

I managed to get an access to the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie. There, I discovered Roger Dubuis and its incredible world! Such a company with such beautiful and exuberant products was also one of my reasons for choosing the luxury Industry. After two interviews and presenting my business project in Shanghai to them, I was hired in the CRM & Digital Department. My main project was to set up a digital asset management system in coordination with Richemont SA. Besides that, I was working on our social network, our brand pages and the quality of our advertising on the web.

What are your career plans now that you have just finished your internship with Roger Dubuis?

I have just been offered a position in Manufacture Stern as a Corporate Communication Project Manager. This is my second step into the Haute Horlogerie world!

Finally, what did you like the most about the programme and what advice would you give to future students of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing?

What I liked the most was the experience in Shanghai. China is the most exotic country I had the chance to live in! I discovered a place full of opportunities and dreams. On top of that, I think I learnt a lot in networking and relationship management. The programme definitely taught me a great lesson here.