Ammana Farhan completed a Bachelor’s in Business Administration majoring in marketing and sales before receiving her first break in the luxury industry as a fashion consultant at Paul Smith. She then worked at Hermes and Burberry. With two years of experience in the luxury retail industry, she joined the MSc in Luxury Management and Marketing program at emlyon business school** in 2019.

Ammana Farhan LMM

Why did you decide to join the MSc in Luxury Management and Marketing program?

My decision to join MSc in Luxury Management and Marketing was aligned with my career prospects for the future. I felt the need to gain global exposure, holistic expertise in the industry in the backdrop of my experience. I also wanted to narrow down to a particular function within the industry. With my Master's I decided to explore the options best suited for me keeping my skills, strengths, and weaknesses in mind.

Do you feel that you already need a background in luxury to succeed in the program?

A background in the industry is certainly an advantage for any candidate. It's important to understand how the industry functions practically on the ground. Experience in the industry also allows choosing the function of the industry that one wishes to specialize in, which will be helpful in making key career decisions for the future.

What are in your opinion the strong points of the Master's program?

The program allows a student to view the luxury industry from a global lens. It is not just the exposure or knowledge that we gain from the fashion capitals of the world that makes this program exceptional, its also the constant exchange of information and interactions from students around the world that allows you to understand cultures and traditions across the globe. I was lucky to have an opportunity to interact from 32 different nationalities. I consider my self as a global citizen now!

What do you wish to do after you graduate?

After I graduate, I wish to pursue a career in merchandising in luxury fashion. The career service center has given me the right amount of guidance from the very initial steps in choosing my career path to making the bigger choices. It has assisted me with the basic fundamental skills of CV writing to understanding the opportunities in the industry.

Do you have any advice for candidates applying to the program?

The only advice for candidates applying for the program, would be to be open to new experiences and be as adaptable as possible. This is the only way, to make the most of this enriching experience. Be open to understanding, people, processes and purposes to be able to make a difference.

Ammana Farhan LMM

Are there any other points you wish to make?

Given the advent of Covid-19, it's imperative for us as early makers to look at how the industry is going to evolve from here on. Be it with the new channels to reach our audiences or evolutions in innovation leading to disruption in product development. This time is crucial for all of us, how we come out of this is going to change the way we see the industry.

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