Back in December, all MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science students flew over to Boston. This learning trip was a true opportunity to discover this unique ecosystem and start developing their international professional network.

Florian and Fabian, both students and current ambassadors of the program tell us more about this unique experience!

“The Boston Ecosystem” by Florian Humbert

“This Learning Trip was placed under the sign of innovation. We had the chance to meet with great innovators and facilitators of innovation in Boston. Said to be one the most European cities in the US, Boston is definitely a cluster where a lot of great minds are creating the future.

The Boston ecosystem is full of talents from the greatest universities in the US to the best investors and project accelerators in the world. But beyond the people we met, it is the mindset of this city where everything seems possible that really made an impact on us. It made us feel like we could start our own company tomorrow and succeed.

People work in so many fields, are from so many different nationalities and various backgrounds that we have been inspired by this diversity and maybe, one day, we will be part of this brilliant ecosystem as well.

The American way of doing business is special but opportunities are there and with determination, we might succeed.”

“Networking Opportunities” by Fabian Cabrera

mass robotics Boston

“One of the most remarkable experiences of this learning trip was the opportunity to connect and interact with important people from different companies. This trip tested our networking capabilities and willingness to approach people and enrich our own personal growth.

In my opinion, the best event of this trip was definitely the Networking Event at CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center), which is a coworking space for innovators, startups, venture capitalists, students, and everyone interested in networking. This is literally a Café where people get to discuss about business ideas while having a drink.

Some of my classmates had the opportunity to talk to the City Councilor of Cambridge, MIT graduates with A.I projects, and entrepreneurs that are looking forward to impacting the world. For some, this has been one of the first key moments leading to a direct contact with employers.”