Becoming a Business Developer

Are you driven by achieving ambitious goals but prefer operating within a well-established framework rather than embarking on an entrepreneurial venture? Then the role of a Business Developer might pique your interest. Here's what you need to know about this exciting profession, full of challenges, negotiations, and commercial relations.  

Description of the Business Developer Role

The Business Developer conceptualizes – or contributes to the development of – a strategic growth plan to propel the company for which they work. Their daily tasks revolve around increasing revenue, for which they are accountable.


They can leverage their skills and ambition to benefit various types of companies across all industries. They might work in a field that truly fascinates them, such as automotive, jewelry, or luxury and fashion, for instance.

Main Activities of a Business Developer

A Business Developer is at the core of their company's development strategy, implementing innovative growth drivers. They continuously stay informed about their market, their competitors' performance, and legislative and technological developments that could help them gain market share sustainably.

Required Skills of a Business Developer

A Business Developer possesses the following skills:

  • Mastery of statistical analysis, prospecting techniques, and sales strategies
  • Interpersonal intelligence and negotiation skills
  • Understanding of the competitive landscape
  • Project organization, management, and monitoring
  • Determination and ability to achieve ambitious goals

Studies to Become a Business Developer

Several degrees can open doors to a career as a Business Developer. Choose your specialization based on the field that interests you the most. If you aim to work abroad or in a large corporation, you may consider pursuing a Master of Science in International Marketing & Business Development.


This prestigious program is selectively open to holders of a bachelor's degree. The program equips students with a double expertise and marketing and business development, allowing them to pursue a career anywhere in the world, in all kinds of industries, all sorts of companies. If marketing lies at the heart of the company, business development enables corporations to expand and thrive.

For students with a Bachelor's degree, the school offers Master of Science programs that open doors to positions as business developers.


The MSc in Global Sales Excellence is a comprehensive program that addresses the transformation of sales within a company, with a particular emphasis on management, leadership, and governance, as well as customer engagement and acquisition. This 18-month course will enable you to master all aspects of commercial functions to reach high-level positions in sales management.


The MSc in International Marketing & Business Development is a more generalist 18-month program designed to develop dual expertise in marketing and business development.

Salary of a Business Developer

A Business Developer's salary varies significantly depending on the position, especially based on the expected goals and performance. On average, the following figures can be observed:

  • Junior: €52,000 per year
  • Experienced: €65,000 per year
  • Senior: €78,500 per year


Business Developers often benefit from substantial bonuses if they meet or exceed their set objectives.

Career Progression of a Business Developer

After a few years in the field, a Business Developer may aspire to positions such as Business Development Director, Manager, or Executive. This career progression can occur internally within the same company or in another, including opportunities abroad.

Summary of the Business Developer position

Globally, the Business Developer is responsible for their company's revenue. Their multidimensional profile enables them to perceive needs and implement effective and complex solutions.


Studying at a renowned business school universally recognized by recruiters ensures that you target the most demanding companies, thrive in your field, and rapidly advance in your career plan.

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