Choice between 3 tracks: New York or London or Rome

The second semester will enable you to choose between 3 different tracks in 3 distinctive locations:

  • Luxury Design in New York (25 seats) or
  • Fashion and Lifestyle in London (up to 100 seats) or
  • Fashion & Luxury Business in Rome (5-10 seats)
    The Head of the program will give you an answer regarding your 2nd semester destination choice (based on your background and motivation) after the start of the program.

Design Management Track (Parsons School of Design, New York)

Intrinsically linked to the constant movement of our global society, the world of design keeps on thriving, allowing designers and artists to constantly spot new opportunities and turn creative ideas into tangible projects aligned with current key trends. Attending classes at Parsons School of Design at the New School in New York City (subject to available places) will allow you to discover the history of luxury design, analyze spaces and products related to theoretical approaches on luxury design, examine sustainable business models and innovation and meet designers, artists, forward thinkers etc. Deciding to study over at Parsons School of Design means immersing yourself in a fast pace and unique environment which advocates for rigor, creativity and diligence all the while acquiring an important set of business skills which you will need to apply to succeed in the luxury industry.


Courses available during your time at Parsons School of Design include:


  • Theorizing Luxury
    This class assesses luxury design from multiple perspectives. Issues pertaining to consumerism, economics, and labor will be addressed.


  • New Design Firms
    Students will be introduced to – and experience – the conditions of the new design service-oriented firms that are subsuming traditional consulting practice. These new conditions present opportunities, challenges, and a new mandate for leadership and innovation: how should one design, manage and improve those design firms? How should their strategy, structure, scale, scope, and social position be defined?


  • Sustainable Business Models
    This course develops students' technical and practical abilities, capabilities, and competencies to innovate in order to commercialize and capitalize on value-creative ideas and solutions in the areas of sustainable and service design.

Fashion Management Track (London College of Fashion, London)

At London College of Fashion, you will learn how to use fashion alongside historical and cultural practice to challenge social, political and ethical agendas. Understanding how to manage and respond to business issues quickly, efficiently and without compromising the excellence that is expected in delivery, will make your experience at London College of Fashion a unique asset to your future career.


Courses available during your time at London College of Fashion include:


  • Theoretical and contemporary fashion studies
    Students will explore elements of fashion studies and consider a variety of theories and scholars whose contributions are pivotal to the comprehension of fashion as a cultural expression.


  • Start your own fashion label
    This course develops the skills and knowledge needed to establish or support an emerging fashion brand, taking into consideration all the creative, managerial and commercial aspects of an ever-changing global fashion industry.


  • Visual merchandising for fashion
    This unit will give you a clear understanding of visual merchandising and the role it plays within successful fashion retailing. We will examine and analyze the key aspects of this field, from mass market to luxury.


  • Innovation in fashion product development
    The course explores the concept of innovation in fashion product development within the context of today’s competitive market, the challenges of sustainability and emerging digital technologies.

Fashion and Luxury Business Track (LUISS Business School, Rome)

A selected group of students will be able to spend their second semester at the prestigious LUISS Business School in Rome, and will attend classes in the Master in Fashion and Luxury Management Program. LUISS is one of the top business schools in Italy and highly connected with the Italian businesses and industries. All the courses will be taught in English and will be held at their amazing campus at « Villa Blanc » filled with history and arts.

Courses available during your time at LUISS are:

  • Business Models in the Fashion Industries
  • Brand Strategies in the Fashion Industries
  • Fashion Law
  • Organization & People Management in Fashion Firms
  • Optional courses