Latest update March 3rd, 2021


Dear future students,


As you know, the Government’s instructions and recommendations issued earlier this year, allowed us to reopen our campuses and welcome some of you on site:

  • Since January 04th, instructions issued by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation allowed us to “resume on campus pedagogical support activities in small groups” and “resume face-to-face practical work and tutorials for Y1 students, with disabilities, digitally deprived or dropping out.”
  • On January 25th, additional instructions allowed us to “have face-to-face students on campus, with a maximum of 20% of our global capacity, and in strict compliance with the sanitary measures in force”. We are really happy to have seen some of our students, and we continue to maintain a close bond with the cohorts still studying remotely. We are hoping to meet with everyone again soon on our campuses.


The situation in France and abroad is getting more and more complex, and has spurred us on, to take new measures, in compliance with the guidelines issued by the French government.


In this context, support efforts are maintained to help our students; here are several initiatives:

  • The CROUS’s emergency aids
  • Psychological, social and financial support at emlyon: nurse and social worker available for our students, financial assistance, psychological support and guidance with a toll free number
  • Internships and International Mobility: the Career Center and International Department are focused on finding solutions fitting your track, and your program will continue to support you in the months to come to secure your employability
  • The alumni network also undertook to support our students, in such difficult times, and will continue to be actively involved in helping students in internship or job search.


Given the latest announcement the Government made, and the arrival in France of the new COVID-variants, certain measures must be adjusted while on campus to continue to be careful and comply with the sanitary measures.

  • COVID reporting: student must inform the COVID unit know about the health status
  • Harmonization of lock-down and quarantine measures for positive cases and for at-risk contact cases
  • Ongoing screening on each campus
  • Face masks are compulsory on the entire premises of our campuses, indoor and outdoor, regardless of social distancing
  • Sanitary measures (no physical contact even when saying hi and goodbye), social distancing (2 meters apart)
  • Classrooms cannot contain more than 50% of their capacity


Be assured that emlyon remains fully involved to deal with the situation to help students and future students and address the situation as best as possible.
The COVID Unit


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