As you already know, the MSc in Health Management & Data Intelligence is run jointly by emlyon business school and Mines Saint-Etienne. Both schools are complementary, emlyon business school offers entrepreneurial management skills while Mines Saint-Etienne provides health specific knowledge.


We sat down with Benjamin Dalmas (co-director of the new MSc in, teacher and researcher at Mines Saint-Etienne) to talk about the program content, the partnership with emlyon business school and what to expect from this top engineering school.

Benjamin Delmas
  • A few words to introduce the school…

Mines Saint-Etienne is a Graduate School of Executive Engineering and Applied Science in the tradition of the French Grandes Ecoles, dedicated to the education of engineers and to industrial-oriented research of the highest caliber.

  • How did the idea of this partnership with emlyon business school come about?

Collaborating with emlyon business school emerged as an answer to current challenges that arose in the health sector.
On the one hand, there has been a growth in the use of engineering methods, and especially data intelligence technologies, in different fields among which healthcare might have witnessed the greatest breakthroughs.
On the other hand, healthcare remains a really specific field, with different constraints related to ethics, privacy or security issues. Therefore innovation processes in such a field need skilled business professionals.
We have witnessed an increasing demand in having double skilled graduate students. Mixing engineering and business competencies applied to the health sector has become obvious and makes this program a strong candidate to answer future challenges thanks to the collaboration between Mines Saint-Etienne and emlyon business school.

  • What will be the input of Mines Saint-Etienne in the program?

In this partnership, Mines Saint-Etienne will provide a strong expertise in engineering in the health sector. The Center for Biomedical and Healthcare Engineering (CIS), located on the « Campus Santé Innovations » in Saint-Etienne University Hospital, is dedicated to advanced research and teaching in biomedical engineering and health science. The academics involved in the program cover a wide range of areas, from artificial intelligence to medtechs, from sociology of health to nanotechnologies; and will thus deliver state of the art courses in these exciting topics.

  • A word for our future applicants...

I am convinced in our ability to give you the best opportunity to be a significant player in the next challenges that will arise in the sector of data intelligence in healthcare. Don’t hesitate to join us!