Our Msc in Digital Marketing & Data Science students flew over to Shanghai back in April to spend their last semester in China. As classes and projects are coming to an end, we took the time to ask a few questions to our program’s "embassadors" Florian and Yousra. They reflect on their exciting semester and tell us what they have enjoyed the most about being confronted to the Asian environment.

Florian Humbert

Ecommerce in China DMDS

“As part of our program, we have been studying in Shanghai at East China Normal University since the beginning of April. We all had an Asian Business Environment class which was one of the most interesting class we attended this year. It enabled us to better understand and apprehend the business environment and practices in China as well as the culture and daily life. Being confronted to this environment is essential. Westerners have often a biased way of seeing China and it is difficult to see the big picture unless you have lived and studied there. It is a very digital culture (everyone in Shanghai is doing everything on their phone) and the city is growing fast.”

Yousra Saddi

classe dmds shanghai

“This semester time flew before we could even realize that our journey was already coming to an end.

Among the courses offered, we had one mandatory course (Asian Business Environment) and 3 elective courses, the majority related to the Asian environment such as e-commerce and social media but also, Business analytics for Big Data with Watson and Application design and web development with Le Wagon.


I really enjoyed attending the Asian Business Environment course. In fact, we got the opportunity to attend a very interesting conference by four speakers coming from various backgrounds. They took us through the historical and cultural backgrounds, economic structures, financial systems and economic sustainability in Asian countries, in particular, China. By the end of the course we had a better understanding of modern China with clear examples and cases.


Finally, the opportunity to live for 3 months in Shanghai, transformed the image I had of China and Asian countries. I am now looking at this part of the world from another perspective. It is in fact one of the most dynamic and fast-growing region. Here, digital, technology and innovation are at the center of our lives. Everything is connected, everybody is connected! I am really curious to see what will come next.”

Stay tuned for the second part of the article as we sit down with Fabian and Fanny who share their own Shanghai experiences.