Can you briefly introduce yourself?
My name is Sophie Long and I'm from New Mexico in the United States. Originally, I studied cognitive neuroscience and computer science but applied to business schools as I am interested in industrial and organizational behavior. I play basketball, love making sculptures, and enjoy picking up hobbies that I’m terrible at, like origami. I enjoy traveling and finding new music performances, my favorites are jazz and rock.

Why did you choose emlyon’s MSc in Management – European Triple Degree - Grande Ecole”?
I chose the European Triple Degree for a few reasons. I only applied to universities in Europe because I had previously done an exchange in Denmark and loved the style of teaching. Out of the programs I was accepted to, this program offered me the best ratio of work experience to teaching. I wanted to experience each course from three perspectives (each university) and immediately apply what I had learned. I wanted a truly diverse, international cohort. While this was not entirely possible within my year due to COVID, the university as a whole allowed me to connect with students from around the world. Additionally, I had not studied business before and was interested in the first semester in which we took classes in everything, from accounting to marketing. It gave me the flexibility to explore my own interests and pursue something interesting for me for the internship.

Sophie chose the emlyon’s European Triple Degree

Can you give us 3 of your favorite courses so far?
I would probably say Managerial Economics, Market Research, and of course Organizational Behavior. I loved learning about economics because I had never studied it before, and I enjoyed learning about something entirely new. My previous coursework was helpful in both Market Research and Organizational Behavior. It was interesting to see how previous studies, like computer science, could apply to different fields.

What are your career ambitions for after graduation?
My current problem is that I have too many! I’m particularly interested in how to apply psychological principles in the workplace, and that has a multitude of applications. Potentially I want to pursue talent acquisition or project management for an organization that is people-centered. I would also be interested in business consulting. The best advice I received from a professor was to always pursue the next most interesting opportunity to me and eventually it will lead where you’re supposed to go.

How would you describe your integration into France?
Honestly, it was a little brutal. I hadn’t learned French, the bureaucracy was confusing, and I was always lost. Even though it was challenging I made amazing friends and we figured things out together. The most important thing was accepting that while I was not going to get everything right immediately, it was all going to work out in the end.

What is student life like at emlyon?
Student life is chaotic and fun. Between all the different associations there is always an event or activity to explore. The international community is very present and welcoming. The organizations are always accommodating if you don’t understand something, and I’ve made some of my best friends by just talking to strangers in the halls.

What has been one of your favorite experience while living in Lyon?
I’m not a morning person; however, my favorite memory is waking up before sunrise, going to the Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière, and watching the city wake up.

Do you have any advice for future students?
I’m going to try to hit a wide range of topics! So, search for an apartment early, potentially live with people in your cohort, and I loved living in the city. The commute was tough some mornings, but the location was worth it. Apply for your “assurance maladie” early and trust the French members of your cohort on which phone plans or bank accounts to get. Try to get the Lydia app for your first shotguns and go to as many events as possible.