Our new Msc in Digital Marketing & Data Science was launched back in September 2018 and students are currently experiencing the program for the first time. As we are now in the middle of the second semester taking place in Paris, four "embassadors" of the program take the time to reflect on their busy first months, tell us what they have enjoyed the most about this innovative program so far and what they expect from those exciting upcoming months.

Fabian Cabrera


«This MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science not only has been an opportunity to take advantage of all the content and tools given inside the classroom, but also an opportunity for myself to commit into investing this 18-month period to study and teach myself extra material outside the classroom. As a proud representative of this Master’s cohort and « embassador » of this Master’s program, I am more than delighted to say that both my classmates and the program itself have been an essential part to exploit my curiosity. This soft skill has been a key driver of my motivation for me not only to become a Python enthusiast but also to become an Amazonian. I am now looking forward to starting at Amazon in Munich as a Business Intelligence Intern.»

DMDS cohort


«Studying in this program has given me the chance to create new friends from all over the world and has given me a new vision of life. We have a very multicultural studying background. This is an intense program that gives us innovative new angles to understand marketing and how to work with big data.»



«I would like to emphasize a specific and decisive experience I had during the MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science: one conference organized at school with the CDO (Chief Digital Officer) of L’Equipe, the biggest sports daily newspaper in France.
After the conference, I went to talk to the speaker and exchanged contact informations in order to keep in touch in the future. Recently, I contacted him again and had a great phone conversation with him and managed to obtain an interview with a member of his team, looking for an intern.
This is how simply I found an internship for July at the end of the Master, thanks to the emlyon business school network that gives us the opportunity and put us in contact with many companies and very interesting people at great positions.»

Yousra DMDS


«The first two semesters have been quite intense but very fullfilling. Our rigorous curriculum took us from Paris to Boston. The Boston learning trip gave us an out-of-class experience where we were exposed to new activities such as travelling, visiting a new city and networking. I had the opportunity to learn about the start-ups community and the accelerators concepts. This has also helped me identify fields of work where I potentially see myself in the near future. Sharing this experience with my classmates has also helped me create friendships and enjoyable moments.
I must say that I am proud to be part of the first promotion of the DMDS cohort and really excited about what awaits us during our 3rd semester in Shanghai!»

montage DMDS