From Logistics Manager to Entrepreneur

Pedro Prado - International MBA

Pedro Prado, who previously worked as a logistics manager at Coca-Cola, decided to pursue an International MBA at emlyon business school. The program’s strong emphasis on sustainability and entrepreneurship sparked his interest in creating his own business. Inspired by the program’s focus on sustainability and its startup incubator, Pedro began envisioning ways to make a significant impact in the logistics industry by optimizing operations and reducing environmental footprints.

Enriching MBA Experience

During his MBA, Pedro participated in various new venture projects, experienced a transformative learning trip to Finland, and built a vast network with startup leaders. These elements were crucial in developing his entrepreneurial skills. The hands-on projects allowed him to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world challenges, fostering a deeper understanding of sustainable business practices. The trip to Finland exposed him to innovative sustainability solutions, while networking with peers and industry leaders broadened his perspectives and provided invaluable mentorship opportunities.

Founding LogShare

Inspired by the sustainability focus of his MBA, Pedro founded LogShare in 2022. The company aims to minimize carbon emissions in logistics by optimizing freight space, showcasing how his education directly influenced his innovative and eco-friendly business approach. LogShare's mission is to revolutionize the logistics industry by leveraging technology to reduce waste and improve efficiency. Pedro’s journey from a corporate role to becoming an entrepreneur highlights the transformative power of a well-rounded MBA program that integrates sustainability at its core.