Jobs after the MSc in Health Management & Data Intelligence

We can already highlight the following potential opportunities:

consultant: most strategy and organization consulting firms have developed a specialization in connection with the health sector, aiming to support the various stakeholders within this sector in their transformation, including the digital transformation.

We can also mention: project manager or product manager in pharmaceutical laboratories and/or medical device manufacturers.


To respond to an increased demand for personalized and secure care, these stakeholders implement cooperative policies that take the form of non-capitalistic partnerships or capitalistic alliances to develop solutions that strongly mobilize the use of data:

  • management/implementation of projects related to artificial intelligence in the health sector: Digital transformation driver, digital business developer, functional consultant, business developer in med-tech startups, etc.
  • interface roles, connecting pharmaceutical or industrial medical device or diagnostic laboratories, innovative startups, healthcare facilities and other ecosystem stakeholders: the term project manager is sometimes used to describe these positions, which have a crucial role, ensuring that value can be created as part of these alliances and/or partnerships, despite organizational and cultural differences.
  • Product/marketing with AI impact or environment (project manager or product manager in pharmaceutical laboratories and/or medical device manufacturers, etc.)
  • Business intelligence manager and progression to become Chief Digital Officer
  • The ethics of AI & Health: Compliance manager, CSR manager, Data Protection Officer
  • Business developer in med-tech startups, with the ability to integrate the languages and rules of both the startup and its clients, whether they are pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, hospitals or clinics.


Depending on students’ original initial studies, this course may also lead to one of the following roles:

  • Regulatory affairs manager (for lawyers);
  • Data privacy officer (for lawyers);
  • Compliance roles (for biologists or pharmacists);
  • Junior data scientists (for engineers, computer scientists or statisticians);
  • Data manager (for engineers, computer scientists or statisticians);