Laura Pinzon LMM

The MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing program started off in high speed in Paris in September 2020. Students quickly participated in seminars with industry professionals, worked on group projects to bring innovation to the global luxury industry and started their core courses.

Current Colombian student Laura Pinzon discusses why she decided the join the program!

What was your undergraduate degree in?

Social Communication and Journalism

Why did you decide to enroll in the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing program?

The luxury industry had always been a great interest in my life, however, coming from a country where this industry is not so strong, I saw the opportunity to work in an important luxury company very far. However, looking for master's programs, I came across this master's in emlyon and immediately had a smile on my face.

This was the opportunity I needed to make the leap of my knowledge in communication and marketing and focus it on an industry that I am passionate about, that has great job offers and where I can exploit my potential and my knowledge.

In the information of the courses I realized that the program offers a complete vision of different aspects of the luxury industry and gives the possibility of focusing each project and activity on the sector that you like the most. So I have not only managed to explore the luxury fashion part, but I have also learned about wines, champagne, hotels, cars, restaurants and much more.

Why did you choose to come to emlyon business school and France?

Besides being listed as one of the best universities in France, this school is recognized for having innovative, different and unique students, and that is how I feel about myself.

Likewise, it offers a beautiful campus, with all the necessary elements to create and discover new ideas. And in the meantime, it supports its students to be creative, open their minds and find new ways of doing and achieving things.

On the international side, it is a diverse school, which accepts and invites different people to be part of it and to bet on a change in everyday ideas.

What do you hope to achieve from your time in the program?

My biggest goal at the moment is to find a job in France that allows me to develop new skills and exploit my knowledge. Likewise, I want to form a career in this country that allows me to achieve a happy and stable life.

I feel that this master's degree is opening the doors to a bright future, full of good experiences and good friends.

I know that one day in the future, I will look back and know that I make the best decision by coming to France and studying at emlyon business school.