As it is the case every year, the magazine L’Etudiant issued its ranking of the best student cities in France. In 2020, Lyon retains its second rank, right behind Toulouse.

According to students, Lyon can boast having all the advantages of a capital, without the inconveniences. A “human-size” city claim the readers of the magazine. Indeed, Lyon is increasingly attractive for both businesses and young graduates who want to escape Paris’s atmosphere. Thanks to the attractiveness of the city, Lyon’s job market is very dynamic. It even ranks in first position in terms of employment (strong job dynamics, high employment rate and low unemployment rate). The quality of student life in Lyon is also outstanding. Young people in Lyon can enjoy a large range of sport or cultural activities. Local initiatives are plentiful and many aim at helping students.

The magazine L’Etudiant also commends Lyon for its great variety of trainings, and their quality. Many preparatory classes and renowned business schools like emlyon business school are settled there.

Lyon, also known as the city of Lights, demonstrates a great international span. In ten years, the number of foreign students increased by 27%. In Lyon today, more than 1 student out of 10 is a foreign student. At emlyon business school, more than 110 nationalities are represented.