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Public ciblé

For students holding a non-French Bachelor’s Degree minimum

Master's Degree approved by the French State

2 years

Langues d'enseignement
Taught in French & English
Lieux d'enseignement
Delivered in Lyon & experiences abroad

Develop your entrepreneurial spirit while exploring different career paths

Master in Management DNA courses

This Master's in Management (MiM) degree sets the stage for a comprehensive education in management. During the first year of the MiM program, students are encouraged to immerse themselves in a wide range of disciplines and management courses. This foundational knowledge provides students with a solid understanding necessary to navigate the complexities of today's global business environment.


At the heart of our curriculum are the signature DNA courses that define our approach to education. These courses, such as Prototype and Sustainable Futures, are designed to cultivate the essential skills demanded by the rapidly evolving landscape of modern business. They are complemented by two renowned projects: RECAPPS, which focuses on applied research in the social sciences, and PCE (Business Start-up Project), which fosters entrepreneurial endeavors through a business creation project.

Gradual specialization supported by management courses

This Master's degree in management in France emphasizes a progressive approach to specialization, allowing students ample time to explore and refine their skills before making a decision to specialize. In the final year of their MiM degree, students have the flexibility to either deepen their expertise in a chosen specialization or choose a more diversified skill set through avenues such as double degrees, apprenticeships, specialized tracks, and elective courses.


In addition to academic excellence, emlyon emphasizes practical application, ensuring that graduates are well equipped to navigate the complexities of the global business environment. By offering a comprehensive range of management courses, emlyon business school empowers students to make strategic choices that align with their career goals, thereby maximizing their potential and preparing them for success in the competitive landscape of the business world.

Combining management skills with double degrees

To enhance their Master's in Management (MiM) experience in France and to really stand out, students have the opportunity to pursue double degrees at prestigious institutions both in France and abroad. By enrolling in a MiM program, you can earn a Master's degree in France while gaining unparalleled access to prestigious partner schools such as École des Mines de Saint-Étienne, Université Jean Moulin Lyon III, McGill University, Aston Business School, and the Asian Institute of Technology, etc.


This approach allows you to cultivate your uniqueness and broaden your expertise, providing you with a diverse and robust educational foundation in management. These double degree opportunities not only strengthen your academic credentials, but also provide a global perspective that prepares you for a successful career in the international business landscape.

A program recognized in France and worlwide

  • 7th Master in Management worldwide, Financial Times 2023
  • 2nd French business school for employability, Times Higher Education 2024
  • 13 double degrees
  • 87% employment rate before graduation

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