Michel, a current student of the Specialised Program in Quantitative Finance (currently the MSc in Finance), explains why he decided to join this unique program.

Tell us a bit about your background:

My name is Michel and I come from South Africa. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and a master’s degree in General Engineering in France. During my studies, I have learn mathematics, IT, electronics and automation,energetics, economics and management. Following graduation, I have been working in the oil industry. Now, as I have a new professional project and as I want to improve my understanding of financial markets, I decided to join a program in finance.

Why did you decide to join the Specialised Program in Quantitative Finance (currently the MSc in Finance) ?

When I chose my Specialised Program, the first element I considered was the reputation of the business school and the quality of its teaching. The entrepreneurial ecosystem of the university, the school affinity for business, technology and data, the class sizes and the campus location were the other main factors in my choice. This led me to consider emlyon business school as the best business school for me and my professional project. The specialised graduate program in Quantitative Finance (currently the MSc in Finance) provides the necessary skills in derivative instruments and valuation, quantitative portfolio management, stochastic modelling, risk management and simulation applications. On top of that, the international experiences (learning trip) are great opportunities to extend my network all around the world.

What do you expect from the program:

This program will allow me to capitalize on the growing of quantitative analysis in the financial industry. By mastering skills in data management, modelling, finance and computer programming, I am confident I will be able to position myself in some of the financial world’s most sophisticated and competitive jobs.

Three words to describe yourself:

Proactive, creative and curious.