Digital marketing and personalization for brand management

Digital marketing is an expansive area. Advances in information and big data technology have provided brands with abundant opportunities for a more customized approach to reaching potential and existing customers. Consumers’ experience with the brand in a virtual context, as well the experience in offline setting, is an integral part of the holistic brand experience, which determines brand equity.

Digital channels and prevalence of social media have created more opportunities to understand and analyze customer requirements and preference and engage customers to co-create values of their brand. The crisis of COVID-19 has led to significant changes in consumers’ information searching, brand learning, brand buying, and brand consumption behavior. There are high demands for more convenient and no human contact service and integrated e-commerce platforms that can perform numerous marketing functions like provision of brand information and service, taking orders, sharing of experiences, and arrangements for delivery and return orders. How to use digital marketing strategy to support the positioning and identity of the brand and delivery of the promised values to target customer and how to apply digital marketing tools to create brand community and enrich and enhance brand experience are hot agendas to brand owners.