As the second semester of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing’s students came to an end late March, the cohort has flown to China and started their third and final semester in Shanghai. While they are preparing to immerse into the Asian luxury industry. Lea, current student and “embassador” of the program, takes a moment to reflect on her semester in London: what she learned, what course she enjoyed the most and what memory she will keep with her as she continues her journey in the program.

“One of the reasons that encouraged me to apply to emlyon business school’s MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing has always been the international dimension. In 18 months, we are given the opportunity to live in 3 major cities: Paris, London or New York and Shanghai. Because the courses were more fashion-oriented, I decided to spend my second semester in London.


We had some great courses: Visual merchandising, Theoretical and Contemporary Fashion Studies, Product Innovation, Start your own Fashion Label and London the brand. Each course had something different to teach us but were all connected in some way. I would like to give a special shout-out to the course entitled “London the brand”, who turned out to be fascinating and showed me what London, as a city, really was: a city with a thousand faces. This course was very enriching and didn’t take place in a 4-wall classroom but outdoors. The whole purpose of the class was to explore a number of London locations to identify their social and cultural heritage in relation to the evolution of fashion trends. For example, we discovered the Swigging London, Vivienne Westwood shops or the Vintage District. As we walked through the city I discovered a city that is way more than just a Fashion Hub.


Our final assignment was as fun as the course itself: creating our own journal. A journal that could contain reflective writing, notes, sketches and pictures collages about the visits and topics that we had liked or disliked during our stay in London. A reflection of our personal experiences like a “capsule journal”. Our teachers, Michael and Laura, were the kindest, most cultivated and passionate people I encountered there.


Aside from the visits, the London College of Fashion, the host-school, gave us great opportunities. We attended fashion shows and were invited by Public Relation agents during the London Fashion week. We even had the chance to attend the (sold-out) Dior Exhibition in the Victoria and Albert Museum. My experience in London and in the London College of Fashion has been nothing but enriching.”

Témoignage Léa LMM