Synonym of prestige and excellence, luxury management and marketing draws attention especially as the overall luxury market is worth $1.2 trillion. Notwithstanding the global economic downturn, people’s interest in luxury seems to strengthen. It is no surprise that the luxury and fashion industries are major sources for jobs, opportunities and challenges, and studying a degree in luxury management and marketing can be the key to follow this career path.


emlyon business school’s MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing has become a major player in terms of education in this specific field. As the successful program entered its second decade last year, let’s highlight what makes this program so special.

“Luxury is in each detail” Givenchy

As an exclusive, challenging and with extremely high standards, the luxury industry is a field that has a lot to offer: - Exclusive experience: The luxury industry refers to exclusivity, in which the customized and unique customer service is an essential feature of the industry. However, new processes such as digitalization, forces luxury brands to reinvent themselves, through integrated digital marketing strategies for instance.
- Challenging and trending field: as in all industries, students learn about operations management, project forecasts and trends. But not only from professors and fellow classmates, but also from professionals and experts of the luxury industry. They learn also through formal lectures, workshops, case studies, seminars, group projects, visits and hands-on professional experiences. The aim is to give the most comprehensive way to learn from and build students’ own expertise in the luxury industry.
- Combination of know-hows, theory, practice, and intercultural approach: Customer expectations and cultural norms are continually challenging core brand strategies of luxury companies. A good combination between theoretical and empirical knowledge should help to build and enhance students’ expertise.

A luxury journey across the globe

Globe World multi city learning

emlyon business school’s MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing is a one of a kind program offering a multi-city learning experience.
The luxury journey starts in Paris (on one of many emlyon business school’s campuses) and then takes students to London or New York for a full semester before bringing them to Shanghai on emlyon business school’s Asian campus for their last semester.
Those multi-campus and multi-city learning experiences provide students with unique opportunities to go beyond what they could accomplish (or think they could accomplish) by themselves.

Fashion and Lifestyle or Design?

Benjamyn London Fashion Week portrait
  • Fashion Management track: if you live for Fashion, then the Fashion Management track at London College of Fashion might be a unique asset to your future career. The purpose of this semester is to understand how to manage and respond to business issues quickly, efficiently and without compromising the excellence that is expected. Like Benjamyn, you might even experience the very exciting London Fashion Week.
  • Design Management track: otherwise, if you have an avid designer spirit, the Design Management track at Parsons School of Design at The New School in New York City will allow you to discover the history of luxury design, analyze spaces and products related to theoretical approaches on luxury design. Like Kelly, you will even examine sustainable business models and innovation to develop value-creative ideas and solutions in the areas of sustainable and service design.


London and New York are two cutting-edge international hubs: By studying in distinct locations, students develop a broad view, fuel their enthusiasms for the global luxury industry and learn how to navigate the specifics of these different, yet inspiring, business markets successfully.

Meet the needs of recruiters

If your aspire to be a Fragrances Product Manager at Christian Dior, or a Business and Product Development Specialist at Infiniti; like previous emlyon business school graduates and want to develop the skills required for success in this highly demanding global industry, the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing is the right program for you!