With today's market facing major challenges and inescapable digital change, companies are increasingly turning to consultants to help them develop an effective strategy. If your ambition is to become a driver of change while meeting the needs of the industry, becoming a strategy and organization consultant may be of interest to yo u. Here's a summary to help you make the right choice.

Strategy and Organization Consultant Job Description

Strategy and organization consultants help companies perfect their business model. By identifying areas for growth and competitiveness while eliminating operational bottlenecks, they propose innovative solutions and implement an effective global strategy. They may work in a consulting firm or directly within a client organization.

Main activities of a strategy and organization consultant: roles and responsibilities

On a day-to-day basis, the main activities of a strategy and organization consultant are:

  • Analysis of the client's situation and definition of development priorities;
  • Assessing potential bottlenecks and business risks;
  • Conducting interviews with management and other stakeholders;
  • Identifying opportunities and conducting audits and benchmarks;
  • Search for operational solutions;
  • Provide diagnostics and business proposals;
  • Provide recommendations for implementation;
  • Monitoring the implementation phase and evaluating the results.

Skills needed to become a Strategy and Organization Consultant

The strategy and organization consultant has the following skills:

  • Organizational, negotiation and observation skills;
  • Tact and diplomacy;
  • Methods of risk, systemic and functional analysis, especially;
  • Knowledge of office automation tools and database management software;
  • Knowledge of commercial and employment law;
  • Comprehensive understanding of the client's business.

Studying to become a strategy and organization consultant: degrees and education programs

Strategy and organization consultants who work for large corporations or well-known consulting firms are usually graduates of prestigious business schools.


The MSc in Strategy & Consulting offered by emlyon business school is open to students with a validated Master's degree or a Bachelor's degree equivalent to Bac +4, or a validated Bachelor's degree. The program is designed to train students with an outstanding academic record to become key players in the consulting industry.


You will study on the Paris campus for two periods, then join HEC Montréal in Canada to develop your intercultural skills during a third period. Finally, you'll put what you've learned into practice during an internship, which can take place in the country of your choice.


The Master in Management - Grande Ecole program is a path of excellence to join the best consulting firms. Accessible to students with a non-French degree, it enables them to acquire the fundamentals of management. Various tracks and electives in the Master in Management - Grande Ecole program allow students to specialize progressively in consulting careers. The Career Center also organizes various recruitment events, such as the Finance & Consulting Forum, which enables students to find their first internship or job in auditing and consulting firms.

Salary of a Strategy and Organization Consultant

The average salary of a strategy and organization consultant is as follows:

  • Junior: €45,000 per year ;
  • Confirmed: €56,000 per year;
  • Senior: €78,000 per year.

Career paths for a Strategy and Organization Consultant

After three or four years of experience, a Junior Consultant can become a Senior Consultant. They may then be offered a management position to lead a team of consultants. With solid experience, the consultant can open his or her own consulting firm.

Strategy and Organization Consultant in a Nutshell

In short, the strategy and organization consultant plays a key role in helping a company develop its global strategy. He or she guides, advises and helps implement sustainable solutions aimed at improving performance while respecting ethical and environmental objectives.

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