Tell us a bit about your background.

My name is Maéva, I am French and I am 24. I studied International Business for the past four years. It equipped me with the theoretical understanding of core economic and managerial concepts. My academic background also gave me the opportunity to live in several countries combining my studies and humanitarian actions. Working, studying and travelling with people from all around the globe is an incredibly enriching experience.

Why did you decide to join the program?

I have chosen to join this program because it is based on my long-held desire to become an expert in digital marketing, data science and a global actor of tomorrow’s world. It would also allow me to extend my knowledge about global business in an international environment, to further develop my skills and become a person able to make the difference in an international and demanding environment. As the first Master of Science combining digital marketing and data science, it is a unique opportunity. We will also have the chance to be prepared to work and study in the Asian market which is part of my career objectives.

What do you expect from the program?

This program provides the perfect link between developing my personal skills and pursuing a state-of-the-art education. I have a deep rooted desire, in addition to be active in global business, to have an impact on my surroundings and I am persuaded this specific program offers the best possible structure to hone these skills. The MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science is designed to train a managerial elite able to think differently and act responsibly. I also want to expand my professional network and work in collaboration with international companies.

Three words to describe yourself

Open-minded, team player, persistent