Miga McCurdy is part of this year MSc in Sports Industry Management cohort. On November 8th, she had the opportunity to discover the Tremplin with her classmates. She opens up about her experience:
“It was a fun experience. It was great to finally see the atmosphere after hearing so much about it. It was quite eye opening. We were shown around the Tremplin – cool to see all of the little brainstorming and tech rooms. Such an intriguing building with so much innovation.


After the tour, we were introduced to three different start-ups. The first one was about running. This app is being created to help runners of all levels improve their physical strength by giving them exercise techniques to improve their running skills. The second app was all about being able to find and reserve tennis courts easily throughout Paris (and several other cities). It allows any tennis player to reserve a tennis court for a certain time and then they can pay for it online. Makes it easy for the tennis player to easily access terrains anywhere in France. The last app I believe was called “Airfit” – it is a company that builds workout structures in the middle of urbanized areas. On the app you can locate them and then there are descriptions on how one might use each piece of equipment to their advantage.

It was a very amazing experience – one that not many people will get to experience in their life.”