With the increase and aging of the population, the development of home care and greater attention to health, the healthcare industry is trending up. Find out more about five interesting jobs in the healthcare industry below!

Digital healthcare consultant

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Most strategy and organization consulting firms have developed a specialization in connection with the healthcare sector to support its various stakeholders’ pursuit of transformation, including digital transformation. The job of a digital healthcare consultant entails the use of data from patients’ treatments, marketing studies, and healthcare market insights to help stakeholders to lead projects, develop new products, and improve existing products.
The digital healthcare consultant also manages digital transformation projects and organizational sustainability by guiding clients in achieving their goals. He must combine sound knowledge of the healthcare industry with sufficient data and digital skills.


Educational background: Bachelor’s degree in healthcare, or a Master’s degree in management/marketing
Qualities: Strong focus, curiosity, thoroughness
Prospective employers: Consulting firms, healthcare companies

Business intelligence manager

The business intelligence (BI) manager is a Big Data job. He uses technology for analyzing data and turning it into actionable information. The goal is to enable business managers and other non-technical stakeholders to make informed decisions.
The BI manager specifically identifies business intelligence needs, provides detailed reports to different departments, determines the BI strategy of the company, and monitors the evolution of the BI market. He sometimes manages a team of developers or data scientists.


Educational background: Bachelor’s degree in healthcare, or a Master’s degree in management/marketing
Qualities: Leadership competencies, communication skills, good knowledge of databases
Prospective employers: Consulting firms, healthcare companies

Project manager

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The healthcare project manager is in charge of the close coordination and efficient operation of a healthcare program. It is a key job for hospitals, healthcare companies, and pharmaceutical firms because healthcare is a highly complex area, with many regulatory controls and a strong demand for maintaining the patients’ privacy. Projects must therefore be well-defined, expertly planned, and flawlessly implemented.
Before the project starts, the project manager develops a detailed project plan, assesses risks, and determines the required staff and budget. He also supervises and manages all the team members involved in the project.


Educational background: Bachelor’s degree in healthcare, or a Master’s degree in management/marketing
Qualities: Interpersonal and leadership skills, problem-solving and multitasking abilities, flexibility
Prospective employers: Healthcare companies, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, medical offices, clinics

Compliance manager

Laboratories are under increasing legal and regulatory constraints. They must therefore have in-house staff capable of anticipating the legislation and regulations of their company, ensuring that the various activities comply with these rules.
This role of the compliance manager also involves the recommendation and promotion of responsible behavior throughout the organization. The compliance manager must also identify the ethical and legal flaws of the company and implement control measures in coordination with the company’s top management.


Educational background: Bachelor’s degree in law, or a Master’s degree in management/marketing; legal background, with an MSc in health management
Qualities: Attention to detail, empathy, curiosity, thoroughness
Prospective employers: Consulting firms, healthcare companies, hospitals

Business developer

The project manager determines the human resources and budget requirements for the project. The business developer is thus a key job for startups in the healthcare industry.
The products and services offered by startups are indeed innovative. Such products and services do not always correspond with well-identified customer expectations, and they are often difficult to explain to users. The business developer needs to implement specialized business skills to sell these products and services. He must also be a strategist—one who develops and animates the startup’s commercial strategy in partnership with the CEO and CTO.
The business developer explores new possibilities with partners to find the best offer at the best time and at the best price. This aspect constitutes the true strategic side of this job.


Educational background: Bachelor’s degree in healthcare, or a Master’s degree in management/marketing
Qualities: Foresight, persuasion skill, high adaptability, thoroughness, interpersonal skills
Prospective employers: Healthcare startups, medical technology companies

If you’re interested in building a career as a digital healthcare consultant, business intelligence manager, project manager, compliance manager or business developer, the MSc in Health Management & Data intelligence provides you a broad background to get started in a healthcare industry.