Program of BA in Acting & Entrepreneurship

Discover the BA in Acting & Entrepreneurship

Martine FERRY - Associate Dean of Undergraduates Studies - emlyon business school

Martine Ferry - Associate Dean of Undergraduates Studies - emlyon business school

Discover emlyon business school’s new program : the Bachelor of Arts in Acting & Entrepreneurship . Developed in partnership with the renowned drama school Cours Florent, this Bachelor Of Arts in acting degree aims to merge artistic creativity and entrepreneurial skills. Get ready to give outstanding performances on the stage while developing a solid understanding of the business world and sustainable project management. Join this unique opportunity for creative and daring minds and shape your artistic and entrepreneurial future. Welcome to this unique adventure!

Simone STRICKNER - Director of the Cours Florent

Simone Strickner - Directrice du Cours Florent

We are delighted to launch this joint program with emlyon which will enable young creatives from around the world in an unprecedented way to prepare for an international career: be an entrepreneur and artist, actor of his own journey, creator of the artistic world of tomorrow. This innovative training in French will give you a strong baggage, essential to build a professional career without being locked into boxes or limited by borders.

Program presentation

Elèves du Bachelor of Arts - emlyon Cours Florent

emlyon and Cours Florent allied their expertise to create a program offering internationally recognized theater training and the acquisition of business skills sought after on the market. Intended for profiles who wish to place their activity in an entrepreneurial and artistic approach, it combines interpretation courses and discovery of contemporary repertoire with the acquisition of skills in project management and entrepreneurship.


The Bachelor of Arts in Acting & Entrepreneurship degree is designed to strengthen the employability of future actors in the exercise of their acting profession.

The aim is to provide students with the skills that will enable them, in an extremely fragile and competitive job market, to be the entrepreneurs of their own acting career, and thus to build, manage and promote their projects.

Program architecture for the academic year 2024-2025


The 3 years of the BA in Acting & Entrepreneurship are centered around different themes and skills, so that students emerge grown and equipped to develop their future projects:
Discover the objectives for the 3 years below:


  • 1st year: Acquisition of the methodological frameworks and work on self-knowledge in the group and on stage
  • 2nd year: Develop an entrepreneurial approach for your activities and your artistic projects
  • 3rd year: Build your employability, design, and implement an artistic entrepreneurial project

Year 1

During the 1st year, you will focus on learning how to act on stage, with a focus into discovering how to act in front of the camera. Access to the world of entrepreneurship will be built primarily through experimentation with acting, working on the dimensions required in this profession, which are crucial in the entrepreneurial process.


Artistic skills

  • Fundamentals of interpretation, body and voice
  • Without words and scenes from the cinematographic repertoire
  • Oral presentation and eloquence contest preparation
  • Double Scenes from contemporary repertoire – Contrasting writing
  • Double Scene from Classical Repertoire and Monologue in front of the camera


Entrepreneurial skills

  • Intercultural communication
  • Stress management
  • High-performing teams
  • Project management
  • Master Classes : Introduction to entrepreneurship

Year 2

Year 2 allows you to continue learning and practicing acting on stage or in front of the camera, consolidating your technical expertise and broadening your repertoire. You'll be able to position yourself as a future actor and a true entrepreneur of your artistic project.


Artistic skills

  • Monologue
  • Variation around a role
  • “Carte blanche” individual or collective
  • Annual artistic project


Entrepreneurial skills

  • Sociology of organisations
  • Segmenting markets, designing a value proposition
  • Financial issues for entrepreneurial projects
  • Digital technologies
  • Communicating value proposition
  • Customer (audience) experience
  • Defining your strategic purpose
  • Entrepreneurial project

Year 3

The 3rd year focuses on the start of professional life and contributes to the consolidation of employability by reinforcing the integration of the two skill sets as a key to success in accessing employment.


Artistic skills

  • Thematic workshops : staging, production, writing workshops…
  • Acting project supported in the artistic aspect


Entrepreneurial skills

  • Acting project supported in the entrepreneurial aspect
  • Institutional sociology
  • Negociation
  • Project financing
  • Contract law
  • Intellectual property rights


Final contest :

  • Acting project presentation
  • Entrepreneuship pitch


Assessment methods may include pitch presentations, acting projects, etc.

Job placement statistics for our recent graduates

Data not available, first intake in Septembre 2024