The admissions procedure is highly selective and demanding. Nevertheless, as emlyon business school aims to go beyond excellence, we pay great attention in our selection process to all the details and factors that could be indicative of your future potential. Our efforts do not limit themselves to selecting the best students; our responsibility is also to imagine how you, as an individual, can develop the potential that will enable you to exceed your own expectations while meeting the expectations of future recruiters.

Admissions requirements

Admission to the 1st year For students in their final year studying for High School certificate, for the IB or "National French Baccalauréat", or for an equivalent certificate.

You are first evaluated on the content and quality of your High School course work, your grades and your English proficiency. You will then take our online admission test. This last examination is made up of tests and a setting of fictitious situations to evaluate your organizational, strategic and relational skills.