Stand out in the global marketplace by mastering the skills needed to thrive in the digital era. Acquire international expertise, strategic understanding, creative thinking, and specialist knowledge to succeed in the expanding digital world. Focus on the importance of marketing strategies, market research, new product development, and market opportunities. Develop your analytic skills to understand key metrics and tackle business challenges effectively.


The demand for marketing experts is growing rapidly across all sectors. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, there will be 23,000 new jobs in digital marketing by 2026, reflecting an unprecedented need for skilled professionals worldwide. In this article, discover all about digital marketing degree.

Why Pursue a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing?

A Digital Marketing Master’s program provides you with an active, adaptable skill set. It’s an exciting and versatile profession because the field is constantly evolving through the analysis and massive exploitation of data, which has revolutionized marketing strategies. Digital marketing and data expertise that drive growth can be applied across almost every sector worldwide, and throughout your career. The technical skills gained through a Digital Marketing degree allow graduates to reach analytical and actionable conclusions and to identify patterns. If you are creative and entrepreneurial, enjoy technology and marketing, and are prepared to invest time, effort, and persistence, this degree opens the door to a profession and a way of life that will suit you.


Discover the MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science

Key Benefits of Obtaining a Digital Marketing Degree

The digital industry is seeing an increasing demand for competent digital marketing professionals in many varied positions. Along with learning about the industry and making the most of networking opportunities, a Digital Marketing degree gives you a strong competitive edge and considerable potential for a well-paid, action-packed, and interesting post. Your specialized knowledge and focused skills will make you stand out. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that overall employment of advertising, promotions, and marketing managers is projected to grow by six per cent between 2022 and 2032.

How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Program

Don’t be afraid to ask you good questions when evaluating a program. What are your objectives and plans for the future? Do you aim to be more operational, or do you want to propose digital strategies as a manager? Is the specific program you are considering keeping up with the fast changes in the industry? Does the program include skills to make you comfortable with analyzing the data you will gather in your future job? Are there any hands-on projects during the training? What are the networking opportunities?


Have you checked the qualifications, credentials, experience, and reputation of the faculty members? Reading reviews written by alumni can also be useful, as students will always recommend a valuable, worthwhile program. It is crucial that the digital marketing program you are considering offers recognized professional certifications, as valid accreditations will open doors for you in the future. Additionally, ensure that you can afford the fees, and explore whether you could get a student loan if needed.

Discover the Typical Courses and Subjects Covered in a Digital Marketing degree

You should expect to find courses in Digital Strategy, Programmatic Advertising, Web Content, Web Analytics, and Reporting. A well-rounded digital marketing degree should also include courses that equip you to work with data, such as Coding, Business Statistics, Business Intelligence, and SQL. Additionally, these programs should address the ethical and social responsibilities linked with the use of data and AI.


In this digital era, the Seven Cs Content, Context, Connection, Community, Customization, Communication, and Conversion are the pillars upon which effective digital marketing strategies are built. A comprehensive program will combine these elements with experiential and academic activities, preparing you to design and deploy AI applications for responsible data governance and transparent practices.

Job Opportunities with a Digital Marketing Degree

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Digital marketing degree graduates go on to work in prestigious companies across various industries. There are endless, fascinating, well-paid job opportunities available, including roles such as :

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Content Strategist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Data Analyst.


These positions align with diverse career goals and offer substantial growth potential.

Salary You Can Expect with a Digital Marketing Degree

Digital marketing salaries will of course vary from one post, company, and industry to another: a content or an SEO manager can earn an average of US$70,000, while a digital marketing manager or an influencer marketing manager could make close to US$80,000. There is a wide range of roles that come under digital marketing, but a useful guide to get a sense of potential salaries is the Coursera table. And Salary Expert lists for example, an average base salary of €60,000 for a digital marketing associate. The countries with the highest demand for digital marketing skills are:

  • Canada
  • India
  • United States
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • Philippines
  • United Kingdom

Discover the MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science

You are convinced that Marketing is today a Science ? If you want to dig into the Digital Marketing world while learning how to use data to perform even more, this Program is made for you.


It was designed with a strong belief : technical skills are not enough anymore to make a difference on the job market : strategic mind and managerial skills are now required to build a successful and motivating career.


The MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science is divided into four main professional skills:

  1. how to drive a digital marketing strategy;
  2. plan, report, and forecast with business analytics and automation;
  3. use programmatic skills to contribute to marketing challenges;
  4. identify new responsible opportunities in a data-driven environment.
    The MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science at emlyon business school’s 18-month degree course (120 ECTS credits) that includes an international term and a 4 to 6 months internship.


The digital marketing Program is taught in English, welcome 20 different nationalities every year and is reserved for students holding a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree minimum.

Is a Digital Marketing Degree Right for You?

Marketing skills are very much in demand in the current job market. According to a recent report from LinkedIn, marketing job posts grew 63% in just six months in 2022, and half of those jobs were in the digital and media sectors.


To excel in digital marketing, you need to be creative, have a strong logical and analytical mind, be good with people and numbers, and enjoy technology and marketing. Being able to analyze data and derive actionable recommendations is crucial. You should be performance-driven, as the success of campaigns is measured and continually improved upon. Additionally, you need to be independent and self-motivated, but also capable of working as part of a team, leading colleagues, and effectively communicating with clients, co-workers, and the public.


If you possess these qualities, a digital marketing degree might be the perfect professional career path for you.