ICP in China DMDS

As students completed their third semester in Shanghai, they also dove into the more practical aspect of their course with the In-Company Project (ICP). This module is an integral part of their curriculum that allows them to enter their internship or first job with solid experience.


The goal of this project is to help students:
- Put their newly acquired academic knowledge into practice,
- Gain first-hand experience of working on a tangible project,
- Learn intercultural skills, navigate different businesses and cultural environments,
- Build a network (with local alumni, students and partners).


We asked our embassadors to give us some insights about their own projects. Read their testimonials below:


Besides the lectures we had in class, we were also working on an In-Company Consulting Project (the ICP). It provided us a real exposure to the Chinese business world and gave us a chance to be confronted with a cross-cultural environment.
I worked closely on my project with the company KAWO (Digital Marketing Platform) based in Shanghai. We had identified the challenges the company was facing and worked on developing recommendations for possible implementation based on a careful study and deep analysis. This project not only helped me get a better understanding of the Asian work environment, but also meet new people, interact with them and get to know more about their culture.


I completed my ICP at Web2Asia, a consulting company aimed at giving recommendations to foreign brands to enter the Chinese market. My project was about giving a Brazil juice brand, Mitto Sucos, the strategy to enter the Chinese market. We created the SWOT analysis, the market analysis in China and the future plan for this brand.


My In-Company Project consisted in working with a foreign company to try to implement an entry strategy in the Chinese market.
I worked with a French company, operating in the soil depollution business that developed plants to depollute the soils used to cultivate crops or wine for example.
Thanks to this particular project and the courses we attended previously, we now have a better understanding of these markets and the way China works.


My In-Company Project consisted in doing both primary and secondary research about the Machine Learning technologies that are currently being adopted by tourism/vacation companies. The idea was to recommend, through use cases, which Machine Learning technologies should Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group focus on in order to deliver personalization, customer experience, and innovation in China.

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