Program Content for the Msc in Global Sales Excellence

The Master of Science (MSc) in Global Sales Excellence offered by emlyon business school is accessible after a Bachelor (valid diplomas include bac +4 or bac +3).


This program prepares responsible sales professionals capable of ultimately leading sales teams towards achieving the company's growth objectives. It meets the increasing demand for managers adept in advanced sales techniques and trains sales transformation architects to navigate global business challenges.


This program requires a professional mission at the end of the course for a minimal duration of 4 months (internship, VIE, fixed-term contract or permanent contract).


Discover the program content for the 2024-2025 academic year:

Msc in Global Sales Excellence program

First period (September to December) in Lyon


In this module you learn about :

  • Salesforce management
  • Gouvernance & infrastructure
  • Team piloting
  • Project & change management
  • Business modeling
  • Profitability and cash management
  • International business law


You will learn to behave as a leader while respecting the ethics and CSR values of the company and managing a sales team gloablly.


This module covers essential topics, including negotiation, key account management, mass distribution, buyer profiles, strategic approaches, partnering, and contracting.

Second period (January to March) in Lyon


Dive into processes, tools, methods, and platforms crucial for sales enablement in this module. Explore leading solutions such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Gartner, and Forrester, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how these technologies empower sales teams. This module will equip you with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize cutting-edge tools, enhancing your ability to facilitate and optimize the sales process.


This module explores the role of technology in transforming sales, focusing on remote selling using digital tools and face-to-face interactions. It underscores the importance of digital sales in effective leadership, emphasizing the advantage of understanding and leveraging technology for interpersonal engagement, communication, and productivity. The module highlights that, despite the universal challenge of sales, those who grasp and use digital sales have a distinct edge in the field. You will also explore marketing atomation tools, WEB3 engagement and go-to-market strategy.


The Transforming early makers track challenges you to disrupt existing business models to imagine new value systems in the 2030 horizon through an entirely innovative learning path, directly preparing you for your new profession: steering and supporting the emergence, deployment, development and diffusion of transformation projects using digital technology as a lever for disruption. Our approach positions you as a “maker”. You will be deployed on a project and placed in a competitive and collaborative environment where you will benefit from methodological input and support. From September, you will join a working group and cluster aligned with your areas of interest. Each week will be organized around this project and the various actions and initiatives that you will be required to achieve. Five series of courses and transversal themes will be studied in this first period:

  • Stimulate your creativity through Design Thinking
  • Improve your flexibility using fast-track projects
  • Harness disruptive markets using Market Intelligence
  • Constructing disruptive competitive positioning
  • Making disruptive business bodels profitable


This track has many advantages:

  • you work in a team on topics that interest you
  • you learn in a real-life situation with regular objectives and deliverables
  • you are supervised by a coach
  • you focus on your employability from the outset by meeting companies, participating in professional workshops and hearing expert testimonials
  • you quickly learn how to sell and how to sell yourself (sales pitch approach)

Third period (April to July) – International period



The in-company project, which is an important part of the curriculum, allows you to enter your internship or first job with solid experience. Working on a business project will help you to:

  • Put your newly acquired academic knowledge into practice
  • Gain first-hand experience while working on a tangible project while benefiting from the comfort of a supporting structure
  • Learn intercultural skills, navigate different businesses and cultural environments
  • Build a network (with local alumni, students and partners)


This International Seminar is a unique opportunity to engage in insightful conferences and connect with numerous companies. It offers a firsthand understanding of how the economic landscape influences business strategies, while also immersing you in the local culture. Finally, it is also a way to start developing your international network.

Word of welcome

International sales organizations are facing new behavioral shifts due to digitization, geopolitics, globalization and other factors in our ever-evolving world. Modern sales leaders need to have a comprehensive understanding of the strategic sales capabilities of their sales organization to transform and lead it to market dominance while staying relevant with their customers. In response to the specific recruitment needs of companies seeking skilled professionals who harness the power of the modern sales organization, emlyon business school has created this distinctive and innovative Master of Science in Global Sales Excellence, encompassing all aspects of the sales function.

« emlyon pioneers the training of Sales Transformation Architects: students will cultivate the skills to devise strategies aimed at enhancing business performance through the creation of sustainable value. They will learn to adapt sales policies to align territories and resources with both global and local goals. The program focuses on transforming practices by innovating and equipping the sales force with digital sales tools. Participants will also acquire skills in leading and interacting effectively in a cross-functional and cross-cultural environment, while emphasizing ethical leadership in alignment with the company’s ethics and CSR values. »

Roland CLAVERIE, Associate Dean – MSc Programs


Assessment methods may include case studies, presentations, mock exercises, tests, etc.
Graduation rate: data not available (first intake: September 2024)