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The Master of Science (MSc) in International Marketing and Business Development offered by emlyon business school is accessible after a Bachelor (valid diplomas include bac +4 or bac +3).


This program enables foreign or French students to acquire a high-level, specialized education aimed at the main functions of business development and marketing in companies whose scope is resolutely oriented towards international markets. This program requires a professional mission at the end of the course for a minimal duration of 4 months (internship, VIE, fixed-term contract or permanent contract).


Discover the program content for the 2023-2024 academic year:

Structure programme MSc IMBD

First period (September to December) in Lyon


Doing business globally means that one will interact with people from around the world. This requires a macro understanding of market dynamics, but also a micro understanding of people from different cultures and how to create and decide together.

Course modules:

  • Global market dynamics
  • Cultural aspects in management, marketing and sales
  • Negotiation skills
  • Collective intelligence and creativity techniques


The program begins with core courses aiming to understand the marketing function in its entirety (what do people in marketing do, how can the marketing function be organized and how does it contribute to the creation of value) and in relation with the other functions of the firm (especially sales). You will also discover sales and purchasing techniques.

Course modules:

  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Market analysis
  • Professional selling skills
  • Purchasing and procurement


The Transforming early makers track challenges you to disrupt existing business models to imagine new value systems in the 2030 horizon through an entirely innovative learning path, directly preparing you for your new profession: steering and supporting the emergence, deployment, development and diffusion of transformation projects using digital technology as a lever for disruption.

Our approach positions you as a “maker”. You will be deployed on a project and placed in a competitive and collaborative environment where you will benefit from methodological input and support. From September, you will join a working group and cluster aligned with your areas of interest. Each week will be organized around this project and the various actions and initiatives that you will be required to achieve. Five series of courses and transversal themes will be studied in this first period:

  • Stimulate your creativity through Design Thinking
  • Improve your flexibility using fast-track projects
  • Harness disruptive markets using Market Intelligence
  • Constructing disruptive competitive positioning
  • Making disruptive business bodels profitable This track has many advantages:
  • you work in a team on topics that interest you
  • you learn in a real-life situation with regular objectives and deliverables
  • you are supervised by a coach
  • you focus on your employability from the outset by meeting companies, participating in professional workshops and hearing expert testimonials
  • you quickly learn how to sell and how to sell yourself (sales pitch approach)


This International Seminar is a unique opportunity to engage in insightful conferences and connect with numerous companies. It offers a firsthand understanding of how the economic landscape influences business strategies, while also immersing you in the local culture. Finally, it is also a way to start developing your international network.

Second period (January to March) in Lyon


Marketing means taloring our products and services to the market. This requires making the right strategic choices, and then implementing them. It also entails defining the right sales strategy, managing salespeople and key customers.

Course modules:

  • New venture development
  • “Go to Market” (distribution)
  • Sales strategy and sales force management
  • Strategic partnerships and Key Account Management


A large part of marketing is about understanding the final consumers of our products and services. This entails diving into psychology and sociology applied to consumption. This, in turn, serves to develop novel ideas. This module will also explore the future of innovation (big data, AI) and marketing (sustainability, ethics, etc.)

Course modules: • Consumer behavior • Sociology of markets • Managing risk and uncertainty • Introduction to big data and artificial intelligence • Future of marketing


Third period (April to July) – International term

You will have the choice between two international destinations

Vietnam : French Vietnamese Center of Management (CFVG) in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
South Africa : Stellenbosch Business School near Le Cap


This module aims to cover some more specific issues related to bringing products/services to the market. On the one hand, students will discover how to manage innovation and how to brand novelties. On the other hand, they will tackle more specific issues related to marketing, such as digital marketing and pricing strategies.

Course modules:

  • Innovation management and entrepreneurship
  • Branding strategies
  • Digital marketing in global markets
  • Pricing strategy


The in-company project, which is an important part of the curriculum, allows you to enter your internship or first job with solid experience. Working on a business project will help you to:

  • Put your newly acquired academic knowledge into practice
  • Gain first-hand experience while working on a tangible project while benefiting from the comfort of a supporting structure
  • Learn intercultural skills, navigate different businesses and cultural environments
  • Build a network (with local alumni, students and partners)

Fourth period (August to December) – Anywhere in the world


To conclude your graduate studies, you will have to write a professional thesis. The topic will be chosen in coordination with your academic supervisor and in line with your missions during your internship or first job.


The professional mission will last from 4 to 6 months and can be an internship, a VIE (international volunteering mission), a fixed-term contract or a permanent contract. This is a great opportunity to put your academic knowledge to the test and acquire tangible experience within the industry. The school will give you all the support and tools you need to find the right job for you.

Word of welcome

In our ever-evolving world, companies are constantly trying to innovate. This entails not only manufacturing novel products and services but also marketing them properly, then having them reach their final customers efficiently. On the global stage, there is no single recipe for doing this, as each product or service/company/market/customer is different.


Spanning from ideation to sales, the marketing function of the firm lies at the heart of the value chain. It needs to work in symbiosis with actors of business development (innovators, salespeople and buyers). Marketing has long been a top recruiter for business graduates; business development offers less visible, yet fascinating careers. Currently, sales managers and B-to-B salespeople are hard to find, and companies are desperate to modernize their sales and distribution practices, especially in the digital age.


Across the globe, in multinational companies or local SMEs, marketing offers a wide array of jobs, in direct confrontation with the main challenges of our times: rapid digitalization, brutal changes in consumption practices, sociocultural and economic diversity, not to mention challenges linked with sustainability and corporate social responsibility.


In response to the specific recruitment needs of these functions, emlyon business school puts its expertise in marketing and business development in conjunction with its global outreach and its solid roots in international business ecosystems, to propose the MSc in International Marketing & Business Development.

"As a student of this program, you will acquire fundamental knowledge about marketing and business development, an understanding of the challenges of working on the international scene, ready-to-use interpersonal skills and exposure to business practices (and globally – through class activities). In addition to classroom knowledge, you will gain hands-on experience and exposure to real business challenges – and the top-notch professionals handling them. In addition, the International Term will add both an international experience as well as business knowledge."


Roland CLAVERIE, Associate Dean – MSc Programs


Assessment methods may include case studies, presentations, mock exercises, tests, etc.
Graduation rate: data not yet available (first intake: September 2022)