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The Master of Science (MSc) in Strategy & Consulting offered by emlyon business school is accessible after a Bachelor (valid diplomas include bac +4 or bac +3). This program enables foreign or French students to acquire a high-level, specialized education aimed at the main functions of strategy and consulting in companies whose scope is resolutely oriented towards international markets. This program requires a professional mission at the end of the course for a minimal duration of 4 months (internship, VIE, fixed-term contract or permanent contract).

Discover the program content for the 2023-2024 academic year:

Structure programme MSc in Strategy & Consulting

First period (August to December) in Paris


You will first follow a core syllabus which will allow you to acquire the fundamentals of management, gain the necessary skill set of international business management and apply it to the industry.

Example of courses:

  • Fundamentals of Economics
  • Fundamentals of Finance
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


After the enrolment and before the official start of classes, you will have access to many of the digital resources available to emlyon business school students during the summer:

  • emlyon business school apps and platforms (Learning Hub, Career Center, etc.)
  • e-learning management fundamentals courses available online This will help you to get to the grips with the various tools and ensure that your integration is a success, as you will have a busy schedule once the program begins in September.


Theoretical and practical courses to know how to design a strategy from the strategy diagnosis to the mastering of due diligences. Courses include:

  • The strategist, strategizing & modelling
  • Industrial organization
  • Communication
  • etc.


This is the "bread and butter" of strategy consulting: the art of formulating the right strategy question to get to the "so what".

Second period (January to March) in Paris



Theoretical and practical classes to design and lead successful strategy projects. Courses include:

  • Transformation strategies
  • Strategy in practice
  • Industry of consulting
  • Process design and complex process management
  • Operational excellence
  • etc.


2-to-3 month field missions constituted in small student teams to touch the reality of strategy-in-practice.

Third period (May to June) in Montreal



  • Understanding trends of today (HEC Montréal)
  • Reflecting on consulting (HEC Montréal)
  • Simulation on consulting (HEC Montréal)
  • Industrial exposure with Canadian businesses and consulting firms (HEC Montréal)
  • Closing seminar : Strategizing transformation (Patrick Besson, emlyon) Those courses are non-contractual and subject to change.


The company project, which is an integral part of the curriculum allows you to enter your internship or first job with solid experience. Working on a business project will help you to:

  • Put your newly acquired academic knowledge into practice
  • Gain first-hand experience of working on a tangible project while benefiting from the comfort of a supporting structure,
  • Learn intercultural skills, navigate different businesses and cultural environments,
  • Build a network (with local alumni, students and partners contacts)


This International Seminar is a unique opportunity to engage in insightful conferences and connect with numerous companies. It offers a firsthand understanding of how the economic landscape influences business strategies, while also immersing you in the local culture. Finally, it is also a way to start developing your international network.

Fourth period (August to December) – Anywhere in the world


The Professional Thesis is an analytical work on a topic related to the industry and to the professional experience gained during your internship. This is a great opportunity for you to research a subject which is not only of particular interest, but which has the potential to contribute powerfully to your personal and professional development.



The 4 to 6-month internship is a great opportunity to put your academic knowledge to the test and acquire tangible experience within the industry.

The internship is a great opportunity to put your academic knowledge to the test, and acquire tangible experience within the industry. The school will give you all the support and tools you need to find the right internship for you. Instead of doing an internship, starting directly with your first job can validate this professional experience required to get your degree and graduate from the program.

Welcome to the MSc in Strategy & Consulting of emlyon business school!

Patrick Besson

We are proud to be in charge of this program that aims to train students to become strategists. Given the increasing complexity of the business, political and societal worlds, it is important to train people with a strategic mindset to work for the best strategy consultancies, but also to work on strategy projects that take place within companies, governmental agencies, or NGOs.


Based on our belief that strategy is the art of conducting relevant and effective actions in complex situations, we founded this program on the two pillars of strategy: science and experience. On the one hand, the MSc in Strategy & Consulting aims at teaching the cutting-edge knowledge of strategy. For that purpose, we rely on the best professors from emlyon business school.. On the other hand, the MSc in Strategy & Consulting sticks to the real world of practices and practitioners to avoid false ideas and misleading methods. Partners and C-level executives who have a long-lived experience of strategy projects intervene in the program and students also have the opportunity to work on practical transformation projects conducted in partnership with organizations.

Guillaume Carton

During this 18-month program, our students follow a 4-step learning process: they first learn and apply the strategy diagnosis which represents the "bread and butter" of strategy consultants. Then, they are confronted with the implementation of strategy projects which constitutes the core of the strategist job. Afterwards, they gain an international awareness thanks to an International term and an International Seminar, and learn how to think globally before finally applying this strategy knowledge during their internship.


Thanks to this pedagogy, our ambition for the MSc in Strategy & Consulting is to build a global Master of Science specialized in strategy, embracing both sides of formulation and execution. In other words, we aim to train future business leaders to think and act as strategists.

Professor Patrick Besson, PhD HDR / Professor of Strategic Leadership, Program Director

Associate Professor Guillaume Carton, PhD / Associate Professor of Strategy, Program Director

Dedicated software for strategy & consulting

MSc in Strategy & Consulting students benefit from the premium version of think-cell, #1 PowerPoint software in consulting. They save 70% of their working time on charts and learn to master data visualization techniques to land their dream job in top-consulting firms and companies.


Assessment methods may include case studies, presentations, mock exercises, tests, etc.

The graduation rate for students of the MSc in Strategy and Consulting for the 2021-2022 academic year is 83.3% (100% of students taking the exam have graduated).