As all MSc in students flew to Shanghai early April to start their third and final semester, we took the time to ask a few questions to Yousra Saddi, current student and embassador of the MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science to find out how she’s experiencing this new chapter of the program.

Our first days into a new exciting semester in Shanghai collage

“Our semester in Shanghai has finally started! We reached China a few days before the start of our classes as we needed to find accommodations. It was not easy, but we managed to find a nice apartment in time for the beginning of our semester. The people here are really nice and helpful.


It is my second time in Asia but I find Shanghai to be quite unique. I am impressed by how widely available technology is. Everything is digitalized. You can pay directly through your phone by scanning a QR code. I am also surprised by the architectural contrast between modern and traditional buildings.

Our first days into a new exciting semester in Shanghai collage

During my spare time, I go for walks in the city discovering neighborhoods and impressive temples. There are also many parks to visit and each of them is beautiful and unique. I never miss an opportunity to try traditional dishes and street food! I have so far made the best of this experience in China, having already visited one city near Shanghai, Suzhou, often called the Venice of China.


Studying in Shanghai is very interesting. We have the opportunity to attend classes taught by professionals with a deep understanding of Chinese culture and trends. Thanks to their experience, we are able to get clear examples and cases related to the local market. We are currently learning about the Asian business environment and e-commerce in Asia (elective course). As part of our program, we have just started working on an in-company consulting project during which groups of students work together in order to handle a mission presented by a company. The purpose of this project is to identify the project scope, deliverables and recommendations by the end of June 2019. The companies selected come from diverse industries such as Galeries Lafayette, Somfy, Kawo, Artefact and many more.


It is just the beginning of my experience in Shanghai and I am sure I will have so many new stories to share in the upcoming weeks!”