Careers after Bachelor of Science Date Science for Responsible Business

Career Center

As a student of the BSc Data Science for responsible business, you will benefit from a dedicated career track which will include workshops, expert panels, fairs, events, etc.

The Career Center provides continual support in identifying career goals and developing action plans. Program-specific careers services include:

  • Workshops: Careers workshops help you prepare for your internship search and future career. Self-assessment tools and individual coaching provide you with the opportunity to prepare your next move into a career in the data science
  • Tools: Our wide range of career tools help you find out more information on partner companies and sector specific resources, including databases with internship and job offers
  • Events: Over 300 companies visit emlyon business school campuses each year and provide students with continuous access to the business world (finance careers days, vocation days, jobs to change the world, “career talks by…” & “learning from alumni”)

Find out how to choose the job you want

Graduates from this data science program will learn from renowned organizations and companies, talented professionals and featured speakers from all over the world.

Graduates will seek positions as :

  • AI Project Leader
  • Data Science
  • AI Consultant
  • Data Analyst / Big Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist


They can work in all sectors of activities : tech, banking, industry, e-commerce, energy, transport, telecommunications,…

Alumni network


As a future graduate, you will hold lifelong membership of emlyon business school alumni network, a network of near to 41,700 alumni covering more than 130 countries.

You will benefit from all services it offers, including the online assessment modules. Its members will help you further develop your career regardless of which stage you are at, by providing you with career development information, exchange business information with you and share their experience for you to build on.

Job placement statistics for our recent graduates

Data not available, first intake in Septembre 2023